How are you?

How are you?

Aug 27, 2016, 2:21:56 AM Life and Styles

Sometimes, we just need to take a moment and ask ourselves, how are we?

It has been a long week for me.

Every free time I have is occupied by schoolwork and revision. Also, I feel that there is always something for me to do. I guess, I don’t really want to waste time doing things that do not bring value.

Furthermore, my days end pretty late into the night and I do not really have time to think and write or to just be plain creative (something that I really missed).

But what is more important is that I did not really have the time to ask myself if I’m all right.

Because, yesterday, I cried.

I’m not sure if you have listened to Quranic recitations but let me tell you that they are able to move you even if you do not understand a word. Furthermore, if the reciter has a beautiful voice along with his mastery of the pronunciation and the proper intonation of the Quran, he will be able to make you cry, like I did.

I guess it was the feeling of guilt and sin that surfaced. The feeling that I’m not doing enough to better myself. The realisation that all the problems that I am experiencing now are because of me and not anyone else.

And, I have to change.

It is the time to draw the line, to say that enough is enough and to move forward.

Sometimes, we just need a little time to be in touch with our inner selves, the innocent soul within all of us, to just be our own greatest motivator when no one else will.

Even though I was really tired at that point in time, I’m glad that I was able to release all that emotion and to have a conversation with my soul.

I think it is truly beneficial.

So, take a moment, just a wee bit moment, to ask yourself, ‘How Are You?’



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