Ties of Friendship

Ties of Friendship

Have you ever wanted to go back to the past, to change it, relive it or see it from a new perspective?

I have.

In my short life of 20 years, there is one period of my life that I would love to relive. That was my time in secondary school. To me, that period of my life was carefree, fun and exciting. All I had to do was to attend school. There were minimal responsibilities, low expectations and a lot of time. I look forward to school not because of schooling itself but because of the friends I made there, especially my classmates from the year 2008.

We were always up to no good, playing card games, — which were illegal — playing ‘fight club’ after school or the normal chatter about puberty and sex. Looking back, it was so immature, but at that point of time, it was a topic that filled us with curiosity, we are after all going through puberty.

Maybe I yearn to relive that moment in my life because ever since I graduated from secondary school, I have yet to experience the same sort of bondedness and friendship. There were a few other occasions but the feelings were never as strong.

Even though it has been 8 years and even though we have gone our separate ways, the friends that I made then are still my friends today. I am so glad that we are still bonded, our ties of friendships still strong.

Thinking about this made me appreciate the importance of having strong friendships because most of the time, the memories that we cherish the most are not places itself but the people you experience the places with. My friends made my time in secondary school the best time of my life, they made it interesting, and they made me look forward to school every single day.

And because of that, I would really love to relive that period of my life again.


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