"Eid & Ramadan" Resolving misconception

It's not regular mistake done by others, but it actually happens sometimes. As some confuse the word "Feast" and refer it to Our Holy Month "Ramadan", but the difference is just in the simple following sentences. 

Nowadays, Muslims are celebrating the feast "Eid Al-Fitr", which comes directly after finishing the Holy Month "Ramadan".

In Ramadan, Muslims start to fast from sunrise until sunset. The fasting here is meaning they aren't allowed to drink, eat or to practise sex. The aim of the Ramadan is not just to feel the suffering of poor people, but It helps Muslims to control their lusts and desire. 

Since the fasting time depends on the sun, some Muslims could fast approximately 12 hours some countries like Chile up to 22 hr as in Sweden. Ramadan time also change every year because it depends on the moon calendar. 

After Ramadan, there is the Feast "Eid-Al-Fitr."Muslims celebrate it by doing Eid Prayer in the morning and then families start to gather and visit each others. Lots of dinner invitations and delicious food are made in Eid. Kids enjoy having money from their parents and their relatives and Enjoy their new clothes and gifts.





Published by Mohamed Abouzid


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