Polish Discounts!

Polish Discounts!

I was on facebook and this website showed to me as a sponsored Ad. I went to the website nad I actually liked it. The website has many Polish coupons and has many discounts could reach up to 80% or even more.  The discounts included food, health, sport and many other things which are useful. For myself, I bought a business card Package 100 double sided with only 9 PLN. The issue is they might charge you for the delivery as I paid around 14.9 PLN for the delivery, but still the total was less than the original price around 9.5 PLN. Of course, the delivery amount is constant, therefore If I bought 200 or 300 cards. I will save much more.

Generally, I liked the website and my advice to you also to read the instructions for each coupon to ensure you will have the full discount. One drawback on the website that it's only in polish  and it will be good if they have an Eglish version as well.

Here is the website www.groupon.pl



Published by Mohamed Abouzid

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