Rahel Ep 2: (THE FATE)

Why are you staring at me?
Tell something!

These were the words what Dalida started to repeat after telling him that she wanted to take Rahel.
He wasn’t shocked or even getting angry, but he wasn’t ever though that will happen. He didn’t imagine that anyone could ask him for the girl, whatever was the reason he will reject of course!

Dorc’s started to smile a little bit and said slowly to Dalida “if you could take my soul, you will be able to take Rahel “.He didn’t ask why, how, where, but suddenly his tears started to fall as he remembered that Rahel would be the only thing which approved that the love which was between him and Meriana. Dalida was completely understanding everything, but because of, she knew what Dorc didn’t know, she started to think to take Rahel henceforth. She decided to stay more in Dorc’s house to be with Rahel and to prepare everything for this little angel to be sure that she will be safe and being well when she leaves. 
One week has passed after that decision, and Dalida was started to prepare herself for leaving.
Everyday passing and Dalida didn’t stop to think about the fate which will face Rahel in the future if she didn’t take her.
Once she decided to leave, 

Tuk,tuk, tuk 
tuk, tuk 
It was in the night, just the last night before Dalida’s leaving, and it was strange for anyone to come at this moment & when she went to check out the door, she saw Dorc like stunned or being shocked!!
What happened? Dalida asked.
I am requested to join the army!! Dorc answered 

Actually, Dalida was knowing that will happen, because of her husband's job in the royal Court, so that she wanted the girl because she was afraid to leave then the order of joining the army will come. Dorc felt disappointed and didn't believe anything just happened in that moment. He went back to his bed normally and was repeating, “it’s a nightmare Dorc, just go to sleep and wake up in the morning, and everything will be fine “

In the morning, Dalida wanted to talk about what happens, but he started to shout asking her to be silent, and she is a liar and that didn’t happen. Dalida was felt sorry about his case and what he is facing. She was a wise woman, she just said to him “whatever we did to run from the fate, it going to catch us! “. In that moment, he just realized that everything is a true exactly like the death ofMeriana. He started to apologise to Dalida asking her to forgive him for what he did because he wasn’t and still know what to do or how to do it, so he said, “you are right Dalida in every litter you just said, Why I’m trying not to believe, it’s our fate and instead of running from it. We have to face it. I WILL ESCAPE WITH RAHEL AND WON'T JOIN THE ARMY!!!
                         What a surprise Dorc has just exploded! 
Would he really prefer to live in shame as an elusive rather than leaving Rahel?! 
What will be the fate of childhood of Rahel ?
To be continued,




Published by Mohamed Abouzid


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