Top five mistakes committed in Youth Opportunities Applications

Top five mistakes committed in Youth Opportunities Applications

Everybody wish to participate in youth opportunities such as (youth forums, summer schools, and camps). But as a reviewer and as a committee member in screening and selection of the best candidate for many events I will write the most common errors that could decrease your opportunity to be selected. 


Missing the deadline

There was a theory said that "submit your application late to be screened"
As a part of committee to check applications for many events, I have to cancel this concept. As every application must be scanned especially some events start checking the application as soon as they receive it. Therefore, don't delay your application submitting to the last 24 hr, and submit it once when it will be ready, because sometimes if your application was missing some parts, they could be very kind to you and ask you to refill it, but this situation won't happen when yous submit it after deadline. 

Writing more/less 

This issue actually appears when answering their essay questions or writing your motivation letter, As much your application is well handled, well written and looking nice, as people will appreciate you because it reflects your real attitude. Some applicants write too much, which is not a problem itself, but they go far away from the topic of what they are writing while others just write no more than 100 characters while they asked for 1000! 

Therefor, make your motivation letter and your answers specific and clear to target the audience Attention. Don’t try to repeat the same word every time, use professional words regarding the type of the application (academic, global, political, youth forums). Some events receive more than 100,000 application, so precisely chose your words And remember, The less effective words you write, the more professional application you have. For that, I advise you to use this free website "Grammarly" to check your documents before submitting 

Copy, paste & publish

Many applicants used to have the same motivation letter and the same answers, which they collected from their own old letters, and they just paste it and send.
This method is fast and convenient to apply for as many opportunities, but at the same time, it gets less effective by time. 
First, you limit your abilities and creativity and second, you might be rejected due to repetitive mistakes in the old applications!
So here what you have to do if you are keeping your old letters and answers. When you write a motivation letter, keep it and forget it for about month then read it again, you will discover some weak points you didn’t see before, or you will get the ability to add/remove parts. Ask your friends and professional writers about their opinions and always ask for the help when wanted. Be flexible and the more creativity and work you do the more results you will get!

Spam emails!

Be sure that your email service provider will not be in the spam list. You could be selected and got the acceptance letter and it will be your spam folder, which you will never check or know about! " It happend to me"
To avoid that, make sure you made a specific email for the applications, send one or two messages to your friends, and check if it was in the spam list.
In addition, check your spam folder regularly especially at times around result announcement

Give up!

Do not think ever that they reject you because you are a failure or you are not good. You are good but there are better. You might be the best in another opportunity so do not resign. It is all about the most proper person in the most proper position in most proper situations.
Work on developing yourself by reading, writing, sharing opportunities and performing workshops to scrub your skills. Moreover, use it to be engaged in your community and society where the real opportunities exist! 


Published by Mohamed Abouzid

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