How do Flow Meter functions and what is its utility?

How do Flow Meter functions and what is its utility?

May 31, 2018, 2:36:37 AM Business

Flow meter is a device that is used to measure the flow of any quantity of liquid. Some industrial applications make use of such devices that accurately measure the quantity of liquid flow such as it is used in a servo-valve department for the aerospace industry. Designed with its constraints, it is also known as a flow indicator, liquid meter, and flow gauge depending on the industry in which it is used. Among the primary devices, transducer and transmitter are installed inside the devices. The transducer senses the liquid passing through the device, whereas transmitter creates a usable flow signal for the liquid. In some cases, the two devices are also combined to yield better result using the flow meter.


Types of flow meter

Among the various types of flow meters available in the market, positive displacement is the best to choose from. It is also called volumetric flow meter or PD flow meter. This is the only meter device that measures the volume of water directly. In other devices, the flow rate is equated and measured based on some different calculations. In case of this device, the output signal is directly calculated with the actual amount of volume passing through the flow meter. It includes reciprocating piston, rotary piston, etc.

In addition to this, velocity meters are also present that can be used to measure the quantity of water flow. For the first type of meter mentioned, the flow of water is measured by calculating the number of time the chamber is filled. And in case of the later one, the flow of water is calculated based on the velocity of water.

Apart from this low flow meters are also present that is used to measure low quantity of liquid such as water. It is used in both domestic and public places and ultimately helps in reserving water for future use.

Top features of low flow meters

  • The device is relatively small in device, and thus it can be appropriately maintained.
  • It is a very user-friendly device and easy to clean as well.
  • It is widely used both in home and industries for it cheap price compared to other devices.
  • It is also very easy to install the device.
  • It helps to measure some difficult liquid flow rates such as measuring engine oil flow rate. Besides, it is used by automotive engineers to measure less quantity of liquids at slower rates.

However, you can check for the products under Minerva Singapore Flow Meter System and pick the best one. Install the device properly such that it functions smoothly.


Thus, it is necessary to install the flow meter device rightly. You should also check whether the flow is two-phase or not. The correct installation helps in smooth functioning of the device.

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