What Is The Role Of An HR Manager And How It Affects The Growth Of The Organisation?

What Is The Role Of An HR Manager And How It Affects The Growth Of The Organisation?

May 30, 2018, 6:43:53 PM Opinion

Have you ever wondered about the responsibility of an HR manager is successful running of any organization? Are you aware of the role of the HR manager that is essential for any business organization? If not, then this piece of information will help you suitable to know about the important role of an HR manager and its requirement for the growth of any organization. The role of the individual calls for overseeing the functioning of various department of the organization. In addition to this, the HR manager is also responsible for looking after the working of the employees. In case of any new recruitment, the whole process should be examined by the HR manager.

Therefore, he or she has to be well informed about the overall functioning including the requirement in the office. Since the task of the HR manager covers wide range starting from recruitment to rewarding the employees, the individual should be skilled enough is managing the task well. In addition to this, solid communication is also a must-have in the qualities of the HR manager.

Sole Representative Of HR Department

Few roles of an HR manager are mentioned as he or she is the sole representative of the HR department.

  • Recruitment process - Handling the recruitment procedure is one of the most common roles of an HR manager, and thus, he or she should be skilled in taking care of the recruitment process. Hiring employees and judging the required skills of the individual in the light of the company is an essential task of the HR manager. The HR manager should know about the fact that without a skilled and knowledgeable workforce, the organization will not be able to run smoothly. 
  • Make HR policies– While you have been given the responsibility of the HR department, it is important that you make certain policies and maintain them for the interests of the organization. Creating the policies should not be the end of the task, as an HR manager, the individual has to examine whether the policies are well implemented or not. In case of any discrepancies from employee’s end, it should be immediately informed to the higher executive.
  • Employee enhancement program –The responsibility of the HR manager does not end once the employee is recruited. The following training procedure should also be taken proper care by the HR manager. Enhancing the new employees is a must, and it shall help them to development easily and adjust soon according to the environment of the office.

Therefore, the basic HR Solutions should help the individual to develop suitable in the organization.

The HR manager should be skilled enough to take care of the workings of the organization. Moreover, he or she would be answerable for any faults in any of the departments.

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