What Mobile App Developers need to know before they start?

What Mobile App Developers need to know before they start?

Feb 13, 2019, 5:10:09 PM Business

It is said that the first mobile game was developed by Nokia. Back in the year 1997 the first game was Snake. If you want to try it out, check Android port, in all its simple, monochromatic glory.

Survey recorded around 2.5 billion Apple iOS downloads in the year 2016. So, who are these people using all these apps? Well, one thing is for sure, 65% of them are millennials (under 28 years) prefer to buy mobile apps directly from the App store or Google play store. 

Now comes the next question who are the people developing these apps? One thing is for sure. The exponential demand of mobile app development companies forced the app developers to deviate from the conventional app development platforms and move towards more organized ones. Here is thin blog I would like to highlight some of the skills mobile app developers need to acquire in order to sustain their presence in the market.

Start from Hard skills

First and foremost step is to equip yourself with the industry standard languages. First ask which platform you want to start Android App development, Windows PC, Linux or a Mac. Important thing to note here is that you will need an Android device emulator like Genymotion for development, but of course you will run the app on the real device. Here are 4 of the most popular Android app development languages you need to start with.

  1. Java
  2. SQL
  3. Android Studio
  4. XML

The easiest way to land on a job is to showcase your work in different platforms that will highlight you as a viable candidate. Consider showcasing your work on Xing and LinkedIn, or the sites like Behance & GitHub. Mingle with other app developers in the market and consult with them on where are the job openings. Follow people on Quora feeds, engage people on Twitter, you never know from where you can get your new idea.

Master the Soft Skills

As for today’s competitive market it is not enough to stick with one technical skills. You also have to acquire and master soft skills. These are not just random picks; these skills are from people who are already successful.

Be Persistence

As the saying goes, practice makes men perfect, so the more you practice, better you will get in it. When starting out you will hit the bottom couple of times, but at these times what you most need is to be persistent with your work and with your attitude. Luckily, for Android users plus point is that Android is open-source which gives the developers advantage of crowd-created libraries which can help big time.


Team collaboration is one of the most trait a mobile app developer need to be. Even if you are willing to start a brand new project you need a team of people to support you. People like Designers, marketers, and upper management of a company. In this you need interpersonal skills that will help you work in team. Synergize like your life depends upon it. If you’re willing to go far, it is best to take the whole team and bring them on the same page.

Passion for Knowledge

Knowledge alone is a dangerous this. What we need is developers that have thirst of knowledge. Especially in field like mobile app development where there is constant updates going on, a mobile app developer needs to be full of knowledge on what is going on in the market and keep himself updated with the knowledge.

To bottle it all up

Mobile app development is of high demand form the past few years. It is now impossible for companies to stay away from mobile-only sites or applications. As the Android app store expands, it is quite evident that mobile app developers are in demand. So, if you are a mobile app developer kudos to you and you are on the right track. Just keep growing in your field.

There is only one rule to success. And that is hard work. People can steal your ideas, people can steal your employees, but what people cannot steal is your hard work and your persistence. The amount of work you did for the past few years. No one can replace that and take it from you.

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