3 Proven Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

We’d be honest with you on this that among all the other social media platforms, the one growing at the fastest pace is none other than Instagram. Yes, you read it right and don’t worry because we have a proper justification to give that explains why Instagram is so popular at the moment. You see, even the user engagement rate of Instagram is increasing and according to statistics, currently, there are 1 billion monthly active users. Other than this, marketing and promoting a product or a service on Instagram is easier than any other platform mainly because here you just need to focus on the visuals and nothing else much matters. If the picture you are posting is good and well-edited then you’ll have your share of followers without even making many struggles.


Now, if you are someone who is new to the digital world and if you want a place to market your business then again, you need to start from Instagram. It’s not that you aren’t supposed to be on other social media platforms. In fact, we’d suggest you to be on every platform, but as far as your focus is concerned, well, you should have it all and all on Instagram especially in the beginning.


Instagram keeps adding bells and whistles to their service, and only if you know how to use these bells and whistles in the best possible way, you will be able to build your audience within a short time period. However, if you want some proven ways to get more and more Instagram followers then here’s what you need to do;


1- Identify your audience

Understanding your audience is no less than a paramount, but on the other hand, it’s the most important aspect of your business account that decides whether or not you will grow. You need to know the likes and dislikes of your audience so that you can deliver them the content they are expecting from you. Moreover, you need to know the nature of your business first so that you can decide who to sell your services to. From the age group of your audience to their lifestyle and what kind of a product that would love to buy, you will have to identify it all because ultimately, this is the process that will bring you more and more followers.


2- Buying followers

You want to grow, and you want to grow fast, and for that, you need a combination of dodge shots and organic ways to increase your number of followers. Even if you put the best of your efforts on your account, it will still take you years to grow so the best thing to do is to buy followers from places like http://socialgrand.com/buy-instagram-followers because such legit sites can give you authentic followers that will be worthy of the money you spend.


3- Identify your hashtags

Instagram allows you to put 30 hashtags under each and every post you upload, and these 30 hashtags are no less than 30 opportunities. Hashtags might look a little annoying to you but honestly, these are the core of your business account, and they can bring you followers in the fastest possible way. Now, there are two types of hashtags, the bad hashtags, and the good hashtags. Bad hashtags are the ones that don’t work well for your business, it’s just like “like4like” etc and as far as the good hashtags are concerned, well, then these are the ones that help in the identification of the qualities of your business. You just need to be wise while using hashtags and make sure that all of them are good hashtags so that more and more people can come to you.



These are some of the best and the tried and tested ways to get more Instagram followers. You are going to need these and many other tips in the beginning if your business, so make sure that you don’t miss out on anything we’ve told you above. You will soon see the results for yourself.

Published by Mohammad Shoaib


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