A Beginner’s Guide To Choosing The Right Cigar

A Beginner’s Guide To Choosing The Right Cigar

Feb 2, 2019, 4:31:53 AM Life and Styles

Honestly, if this is the first time you are buying a cigar then know that things can get pretty confusing for you especially in the beginning. There’s just so much variety out there in the market, and there are so many different types of cigars that you will freak out for sure but don’t worry because right now you are in the right hands.


There’s no doubt in the fact that cigars aren’t that expensive but honestly, it’s your first time, and you do need some guidance so that your first puff of the cigar is the best thing you ever experience.


To guide you properly, today we are here with some of the best and the most useful tips that can help you land on a high quality cigar that’s worth your money. So, folks, take notes of what we are about to tell you because this article can literally save you from a bad cigar smoking experience.


1- Buy from a reputed place

You can get a cigar from any shop and local store around you but if you really want to get something that isn’t a waste of your money then we’d suggest you to buy your first cigar from places like Ashton cigars. First of all, such companies do not compromise on the quality of their products in any and secondly, they’ve got a wide range of different cigars to choose from. On top of everything, these companies will assist you in choosing the best cigar if it’s your first time. People usually think that such companies offer extremely high rates but the truth is that there are companies who believe in providing their customer nothing but the best that too at extremely affordable rates. So, make sure to do your research first and then get a cigar from a company.


2- Purchase a few in the beginning

Don’t buy a bundle of cigars all at once. In fact, go slow with the purchase because honestly, we have seen people changing their preferences really quick when it comes to the types of cigars. So, the wiser thing to do is to buy a few at first, try them and then change according to your requirements.


3- Go for mild cigars

A strong cigar in the start can destroy your taste so it’s better to start with a mild cigar, the one that comes with a lighter feel and smoke. You don’t want to get turned off in the start and if that’s the case then make sure to follow our suggestion and buy a mild cigar from a reputed place.


4- Spend less

The market out there is full of different types of cigars that have different price tags on them. But, again, if you are a smart man then you’ll know that you don’t have to break a bank to buy a cigar. In fact, you can easily get a quality cigar in just $10 so don’t waste your money and don’t think that the more expensive the cigar will be, the better it will taste because that doesn’t happen.



These are some of the major tips you need to follow while buying your first ever cigar. So, make sure to follow these tips and again, buy your cigars from a reputed company so that you know what’s going inside you. Also, cigar smoking is way different than smoking cigarettes and to make it clearer for you, know that cigars are heavier and stronger in taste. So, before shifting from cigarettes to cigars, make sure to do your homework first and then spend your money on buying one.


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