Best Tips For People Who Want To Quit Drinking Alcohol

Best Tips For People Who Want To Quit Drinking Alcohol

Jul 23, 2018, 11:17:18 PM Life and Styles

Quitting alcohol can be a daunting task especially if you have been drinking for a long time now but hey, nothing is impossible. And only if you put a little extra struggle, you’ll be able to make it.

Now if you are someone reading this article to actually quit alcohol then before moving towards the tips we want to appreciate you on this step of yours. Alcohol is like a slow poison, and the worst thing happens when a person becomes addicted to it. In other words, a person addicted to alcohol is just like a person addicted to poison, and we all know what poison does.

Here are a few tips that can come in handy for you if you are trying to stop drinking alcohol;

1-Don’t keep any alcohol near you

Whether it’s your workplace or your home, just don’t be any place near alcohol. In fact, if you ever feel the urge to drink, choose some healthy alternatives and keep them around you such as fresh juice, coke or any other vitamin water that can help you a bit with the urge. This can be the hardest thing to do but if you really want to quit something, you first have to maintain some distance from it, and the same rules apply to alcohol.

2-Tell about your intentions to everyone

Tell your friends and family that you are trying to quit alcohol, this way they will also help you in this process by not drinking around you or dragging you to alcohol parties, etc. Moreover, they will understand why you have started turning down the drinks in pubs and other parties, and once you’ve finally quit alcohol, you will be able to share your success story with them.

3-Reward yourself

It’s human nature that when you reward yourself or a get a reward for something you’ve done, you stay motivated and you should follow the same rule when you are trying to avoid alcohol. For example, if it’s your first week of quitting alcohol and if you’ve not even touched any drink during that time then you need to reward yourself by shopping, eating out in a good restaurant or watching your favorite movies. This way you will stay motivated and it will help you a lot in quitting alcohol.

4-Don’t skip meals

No one should skip meals, especially if you are trying to quit alcohol then make sure that you are consuming three meals every day and that too on the right time.

Skipping meals opens the door to alcohol abuse, people generally crave for alcohol when they have an empty stomach, so the wiser thing to do is to stay full and not crave or even think about alcohol. Or you can take it this way that whenever you feel like you want to drink alcohol, just convince your mind that this isn’t an option for you anymore and try to eat something you like instead of stressing on alcohol.


These are a few tips that can come in handy to all the people in the world who are trying to stop drinking. So, use these tips, and we assure you that you will end up quitting this bad habit soon. Again, we do understand that this process isn’t going to be easy for you especially if you are a heavy drinker but nothing is impossible, and there is always some room for improvement for everyone in the world.

Published by Mohammad Shoaib

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