Bible Says, Women Are Helpers! Is It True?

Bible Says, Women Are Helpers! Is It True?

Oct 30, 2018, 8:09:42 PM Opinion

Women have been struggling for their roles since the beginning of time and even the present day societies haven’t been able to give women the desired equality and position in society. Women are often considered the less fortunate members of society. We think the problem is from the start because almost all the religions in the world have made women the lower among the humans when it comes to roles and responsibility. Let’s have a look at the verses from one of the most acknowledged books in the world.


"It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him." Genesis 2:18-24


In Genesis 2, we find out that Adam, the first ever human was alone, and that was a big problem, so God highlighted this problem with the naming of animals exercise, but Adam realized that there is nothing on earth which will solve a problem of equal partner or companion.


So God, made a woman from Adam’s body and called her Adam’s helper because, at that time, Adam’s only problem was his solitude. The problem of living alone was solved as soon as Adam found a partner to share his life on earth. Many suggest that this verse actually implied the gender roles, however, there is no further mention of Eve continuing to be Adam’s helper. This narrative was only for giving the audience the idea of the relationship between the first ever man and woman. These verses are used negatively to define gender roles, in fact, they represent the kinship and unity between the first ever man and woman.


Eve’s identity is explained in Genesis 3:20, as Adam calls his wife by the name of Eve, which means mother of all living, yet no one mentions this as the defining role of Eve. Eve just changed her roles with the circumstances. A lot of people have many roles in life and as the circumstances change the roles also change and same goes for Eve and all women, who can’t be only defined as subordinate or helpers of men. Eve was never meant to be one-sided help to Adam, in fact, it was a mutual partnership.



Genesis 1:26-28 clearly tells us that women and men are created to work together and do everything necessary to act as God’s regents which extends to ruling the earth and having dominion over the animals. Genesis 1 gives the exact same commission from God to men and women and gives them identical status, authority, and functions. Genders are not defined by God in Bible.


In Genesis 1, men and women have an identical status, authority, and purpose.

In a Youtube video by SPR (Sex, Politics and Religion), this verse was discussed openly, which most people are afraid to do so, but kudos to these guys for taking up the issue and getting to the bottom of it. The show starts by raising a concern towards this verse and throughout the  show, different dimensions of this verse are discussed in a very light way, because many religions of the world are assumed to give women subordinate roles, but these guys talk about how religions have been twisted to take advantage of the biological difference that men and women naturally have. In a very light way, this video encourages you to question the statement of “women are helpers of men” and evaluate if you really agree to the said statement. This guys basically tell you to stop being misogynistic in a very indirect way.

Published by Mohammad Shoaib

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