How Do Rats Get in My Attic?

How Do Rats Get in My Attic?

Nov 4, 2019, 7:40:20 AM Life and Styles


Because rats are often associated with sewers, garbage cans, and other grounded gunk, many homes and business owners are taken aback when rats enter through the attic. If you want to prevent rats from getting in your attic or want an explanation for how they managed to invade your space, take a look at the many ways these rodents can find their way inside. 

How Do Rats Enter Through the Attic?

Although plenty of rats enter buildings by using holes in the foundation or openings around lower plumbing pipes, there are certain rat species, like the roof rat, that prefer to take a long way around. Roof rats can fit through holes, gaps, and cracks as small as a quarter, and they’ll scan the perimeter of your roof until they find or create one that fits. There are multiple places that these rodents commonly use for entry into local attics, including:

  • Overhanging tree limbs – If trees are towering over your home or business, they could be providing convenient access for local wildlife. Rats can easily climb trees and use extending branches to gain roof access and get one step closer to your attic. 

  • Bent roof soffits – When a gutter is improperly installed, it can cause the roof soffits to bend over time, which can open up enough space for rats to squeeze through. 

  • Damaged fascia boards – Similar to bent roof soffits, rats will climb through damaged fascia boards and create an even larger opening for more wild animals to pass through. 

  • Impaired roof shingles – Shingles that are missing or damaged from weather and age can leave openings that are just the right size for rats. 

  • Cracked skylights – A small skylight crack can quickly turn into a large opening that rats can squeeze through and use for direct attic entry. 

  • Uncapped vent pipes – Whether you have no caps on your vent pipes or have caps with significant damage, rats can use any opening to fit right into the pipe and into your attic. 

How Can You Keep Rats Out of the Attic? 

Whether you have an existing rat problem or want to prevent one from happening in the first place, securing your home takes a lot of effort. To keep rats from entering your attic, causing damage, and bringing health risks inside your home or business, here are some go-to tactics. 

  • Seal and secure the entryways in your home. The only way to keep rats from coming back is to put a barrier between your building and the outdoors. Using durable materials, like metal mesh, wire, and sealant, repair any holes or cracks on your roof. Then, check your roof vent caps, chimney, shingles, and soffits to understand if anything connected to your attic needs repair. 

  • Clean up your indoor and outdoor environment. To prevent rats from returning, clean up your property so they lose interest. Start by picking up piles of wood, fallen fruits, and bird feed debris throughout your yard. Then, clean up your indoor space by removing crumbs, cleaning dishes, and keeping a lid on your trash can. 

  • Partner with a pest professional. If you want expert insight and professional protection, consult a wildlife management company that can provide a comprehensive strategy for removal and prevention. The right wildlife partner will remove any infesting rats, seal entry points, and create a maintenance plan that keeps your property safe for the future. 

Fortunately, a rat infestation in the attic isn’t a life sentence or an unavoidable issue. With proper preventative care and professional rat removal services, you can effectively keep your attic safe from rats and quickly resolve any issue that pops up on your property.

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