How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Jul 25, 2018, 1:47:10 AM Life and Styles

Seems like long hair is back in fashion, again. No matter what the trends are long, healthy hair always stands out. Normally hair grows half an inch every month, but you can double the growth by using some products. When you search the hair products, there are millions of options you are going to get, but it is always better to use the product that provides long-term benefits rather than the ones which wear out after just one wash. For getting better and long-lasting results, it is recommended to boost the roots and nourish them.

Here are some ways through which you can make your hair grow faster.

  • It will take time

As things have magically become faster and the world seems to be moving around extremely fast with all this technology, there are some things that will take time and people need to realize that. No matter what product you are using, no matter how many medications you are eating, they are still going to require some time. Some people apply the products for two or three days and then give up cause “it's not working.” It is the best way to waste money, without getting any results. If you start trying a product, at least keep using it for a couple of weeks and then you might start seeing the results. Also, use one product at the time. Practice patience, using chemicals in your hair, one after another will cause them more damage than benefits.

  • Get your hair trimmed regularly

I have met so many people, who have cringe worthy split end and basically, half of their hair are dead but won't get a haircut because they are trying to grow them. Believe me, this can damage your hair permanently. If you keep having split ends, your hair will start to dry out. If you want to grow healthy and shiny hair, get them trimmed regularly. Keep the split ends of the bay. Getting a trim doesn’t have to be an expensive task. You do not have to book regular parlor appointment for such tasks, just follow up any YouTube tutorial for cutting just split ends. You can now buy a machine that takes cares of just your split ends.  

  • Use conditioner

Our hair goes through ‘A LOT’. Just simple straightening and curling does extreme damage, yet along daily routine of hair styling with the dirt and heat from the city as well when you go out. As your skin requires cleansing and massages, so does your hair. Hair masks and cleansing products are available, but let's be real here, no one has got that type of time. So least you can do to your hair is by apply conditioner after every wash. Conditioner helps in strengthening the hair. As well as repair the damaged ones. There are so many women out there that are wondering why their hair look all dry and dead, while the keep shampooing them every day without applying conditioner. If you want to add some extra effect, you can buy the best product for hair growth.

  • Do not shampoo every day

Quite surprisingly, there are not much people out there who know that using shampoo every day is the reason for hair damage. I have seen people saying, “my hair doesn’t look fresh, even though I wash them daily”. Every shampoo, no matter how good the brand is, they contain chemicals that are supposed to clean out the oils and dirt from the scalp. When you use such chemicals every day, they are going to wash out the “good oils” and shine too. If you are one of those people, who can't process without showering every day, at least use a conditioner with it.   

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