What to post on Instagram to get more engagement?

What to post on Instagram to get more engagement?

Oct 23, 2017, 6:27:09 PM Business

The picture sharing critical application Instagram is among the top social media networks in the world and is an excellent platform to connect with people. The visuals based platform Instagram was started in 2010 and early stages, it did not attract many users, but within the passage of time and its improved functionality, Instagram began to gain popularity and today it has more than 800 million users using it. Apart from attracting so many people from all around the world, Instagram attracted many big brands as well, and more than 70% brands have a presence on Instagram because of the engagement this platform offers. Instagram has proved excellent for social media marketing and with a user base this big; Instagram has a lot of potential for good engagement. To get more engagement on Instagram, you will have to run your Instagram campaign with special attention. In this article, we will tell you that what kind of posting can improve your engagement and will help you gain followers on Instagram fast.

1# Post original content

The essential thing you need to know about Instagram content is that the more original the content is, the more authentic your brand will look. Many of the Instagram users who are using it for social media marketing are posting second-hand content which does not belong to them. If to want to improve your engagement you will have to look authentic and come up with your ideas. So if you are seeking to post a picture of any scenery make sure that you get the click yourself and do not just pick a random picture from Google. Original content also strengthens the customer’s loyalty to brand.

2# Set a theme for your Instagram and post according to it

We talked about the originality of the content in the previous tip and to make your content more original set a theme for your Instagram and start posting according to it. To pick up a theme first pick a color which will define your brand and will be used in your posts and then set a pattern for your posts that what kind of content you will be posting. Of course, you will be posting your niche related content, but now you will be posting it with your specific pattern. This way whenever a user gets a glimpse of your post, they will immediately know who it is.

3# Post user-generated content

One of the most effective tricks which can boost your Instagram engagement is posting user-generated content. When you post user-generated content, it gives a special feeling to your followers, and they get motivated as well. Posting user-generated content is telling your customers that you care about them. So whenever a user posts a picture, or a video which is related to your brand, product or your services do not hesitate to share it. Because it will engage more audience and also it will improve your performance. So keep asking your audience to share their experience with you, and you can post them on your profile later.

4# Post Quizzes/ Instagram contest

Instagram contests are not just fun, but they are super effective when it comes to improving your engagement. Many big brands post Instagram contests, and they keep their audience indulged with their posts. You can ask questions, and you can offer a gift for the winner who gives the right answer. Later you can pick your win via a lucky draw and announce them on the page. We know that giving away something for free away does not sound pleasant, but when it comes to Instagram contests, it is worth it. You might give a sample product away but you will be able to engage a big number of audiences, and you will see the significant improvement in results as well.

What are you posting on your Instagram, it does matter a lot and to reach more audience and boost engagement with the audience you will have to take special care of it. You can post these types of contents to engage your audience, but you will also have to make sure that you are posting it at the right time and you are not overwhelming your audience. These small things matter and they have a significant role to play in how your post performs.

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