5 Insane Examples Of Incredible Packaging Design

5 Insane Examples Of Incredible Packaging Design

Jan 30, 2019, 1:50:30 PM Creative

Product packaging is everywhere, from your local stores to your favorite online shops. These days packaging is as important as the product inside it. Customers look at the packaging to gauge the quality of the product, and cheap packaging will only push buyers away. It is not only about the quality of the packaging. You have to come up with creative and unique ideas that attract people’s attention. Many packaging companies offer their services to other companies where they take care of all the packaging process. If you are looking for fresh ideas, here are five insane examples of incredible packaging design.

1. Doodles

Doodling on any package can instantly make it look colorful. Doodles on the packaging can turn a product into a fun universe from someone’s imagination. It can work on any product such as juice boxes, but they will look best on packages of color pencils or crayons. Doodles have a wonderful way of describing what is inside the box and your packaging will look more cheerful and vibrant.

2. Standout Shapes

Packaging is not only about the quality and the colors/prints, but it is also about the shape of the packages. If you have a juice business, you can turn your juice can into a bamboo segment or a shape that corresponds to the fruit juice inside it. After that, you just have to place your logo on the package; the shape itself will attract the customers. This is a great method to showcase the thoughtfulness of your product which will help in building your brand identity.

3. Holographic Effects

The point is to make your packaging stand out from the crowd and what better way to make it holographic. Holographic foil stamping can turn any ordinary package into the extraordinary. The three dimensions and different colors will add value and a touch of uniqueness to your package. Whether your package is made of plastic or paper, Holographs can give a non-tarnishing metallic effect bringing brightness.

4. Minimalist Design

Sometimes the best design is no design at all. Minimalist designs look way better than overcrowded designs. Because your packaging will be simple, you just have to find a symbol or sign that says it all. The hardest part about going minimal is to find symbols and signs that people can relate to. Once you are done with the symbolism, the message explains itself, and you don’t have to use any elaborate words or explanations. If you can pull off the minimalist design by using less language, it will keep your product in sync with the fast-paced society. Your product packaging’s lack of color and spacious design will offer a breathing space for consumers.

5. Stylize It

You can stylize your imagery instead of explaining everything on the package. Use your imagery as a textural element. So if your product is related to hair-care, draw a simple illustration of a head and hair on your product package.

We hope that these examples were able to give you some creative ideas about packaging designs!

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Mark Berry is a seasoned designer & creative director with ten years of experience in Chicago, IL. Food Packaging Agency. In his free time, he writes blogs about amazing packaging tips and tricks.


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