6 Ways to Benefit SEO Through PR

6 Ways to Benefit SEO Through PR

Jan 22, 2020, 3:09:35 PM Business

PR is an especially valuable commodity for any business. You can use PR to enhance and build reputations through media and social media platforms. Spink Healthcare Communications Agency has created an easy-to-digest guide on how to take advantage of the relatively new world of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Although Spink Healthcare focuses on healthcare providers, this can be utilised across all forms of business.

To increase your business’s reputation, SEO is an essential tool as it enables you to heighten your website’s ranking within search engines, such as Google. This will then drive more traffic to your domain and improve the quality of this traffic which will make you more visible to your target audience.

Remember, SEO doesn’t happen overnight and it is a long-term investment, but by following these 6 top tips on how PR can benefit your SEO, you can begin to take steps to start your SEO journey, boost website rankings and enhance search engine visibility.

1. Top Tier Backlinks

Backlinks are what links one site to another, website users are able to click this link and be taken to a relevant page elsewhere. Having a link to your website placed on another domain is a great way to heighten your website’s search engine ranking.

By a third party placing a link on their website, this is seen as a vote of confidence by them to you. Search engines pick this up as an endorsement and this carries “SEO weight” and is a foolproof way of increasing your ranking for certain keywords.

Be careful, links from low-quality websites are no longer effective. By using a PR agency, they can help your business gain backlinks from high-quality, editorial websites.

By obtaining high-quality backlinks, you are using one of the most effective methods to increase your search engine ranking for targeted keywords. Remember, you can not just place a link on a webpage, you must write well-written and relevant content aimed towards your target audience featuring a related topic.

2. Brand Association 

Brand association has always been an important element for marketing in business but it is incredibly important within SEO. If you have gained placements in highly-visible media outlets, the public will then begin to associate a product or service that is in demand with your brand.

This will then cause users’ search habits to change, for example, they may type into a search bar “Brand + Product/Service” such as “Beechams Cold Treatment”. When users begin to associate your brand with what they are looking for, this will create more searches that contain your product and brand combined. Your search engine rankings will then improve as search engines begin to associate you with this product too.

A user may search for your product or service but without your brand name, you are now more likely to appear higher in search rankings than before. This will drive more traffic to your site from people who may not have been aware of your brand, therefore generating more sales.

3. 3rd Party Referral Traffic

Especially if you are new to SEO, it won’t always be possible to rank for highly competitive keywords. Instead, you can use PR to place guest posts on high-authority, industry-specific websites that focus on the products or services you provide, they have a higher chance of ranking for these keywords.

In turn, this will swiftly bring much more traffic through to your website via a backlink. Use Google trends to keep track of rising terms and similar keywords that may be easier to rank for but are still relevant to your website.

4. Emerging Keywords

New terminology can be generated with every new product or service you provide and you can utilise PR to spread awareness of these new terms. By getting this new vocabulary out into the media, the public will begin to associate your brand with this term.

Then, when users type this new term into a search engine, you will have a higher chance of appearing at the top of the search results as no other brands will be trying to rank for this.

 5.Previous PR Reclamation 

If you want to gain backlinks quickly and perhaps don’t have the time to write copy for another site to feature, use a search engine to find websites that have already mentioned your brand but have not provided a backlink on their page.

You can reach out to these sites and ask them to link back to your relevant page, if there is a specific author of the page, you should reach out to them directly. Online tools can help you track mentions of your site.

You won’t always have luck contacting these websites, after all, they have no obligation to link back to your website. If you are unsuccessful, it is not always in vain, you can use this as a chance to build relationships with other websites. When it comes to pitching a new campaign, you will already have contacts that you know like to write about the things you provide.

6. SEO Social Proof

You can build credibility towards your company through SEO social proof by presenting the positive views of other businesses towards yours.

If you have been lucky enough to place on high-authority websites, you can place their logos on your site. When visitors see this, they will perceive you as having higher authority and spend more time on your site, this will provide search engines with a positive user signal.

Dwell times is an important element of modern-day SEO, this is how long a user spends on your domain before returning to their search results.

By providing high-quality content on your site will keep visitors interested and increase their dwell time.

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