Are Air Fryers Difficult to Clean

Are Air Fryers Difficult to Clean

Mar 17, 2019, 2:16:38 PM Life and Styles

Kitchen industry hasn't been left behind in this era of technological advancement. The introduction of air fryers came as a relief to many who were stuck with deep frying to have their meals. An air fryer could perform the same task without any oil but produce the same result using hot air circulation. But his has left many asking, Are air fryers difficult to clean?

Comparing the cleaning process involved in deep frying method and an air fryer. People may judge and conclude that both methods are hard to clean since they produce the same result. But on the contrary, best air fryers are the easiest to clean. This is because, unlike deep frying in oil where you end up greasing and oiling yourself, air fryer does not. In addition, some parts of air fryer are safe for dishwasher, this now lets you just press a button and have a quick cleaning.

You will find a manual in every air fryer explaining the cleaning process. But the cleaning procedures are almost the same in all air fryers. Below we are going to explain how you can easily clean your air fryer in the following simple steps.

1. Cleaning the Body of Air Fryer: You should first ensure that your air fryer is switched off and unplugged from the power source. Clean the outside by wiping using a damp cloth. Note that this is the outer body of the air fryer, so you should ensure that you don't touch/interfere with any electrical outlet.

2. Cleaning the Parts: The air fryer contains a basket, tray, and pan which are all removable. These parts aren't hard to wash as they are dishwasher safe or you can opt to hand wash them. Use hot water and dish-washing soap to clean these parts.

If you notice stuck food particles in these parts, don't use other utensils to remove this stuck particles and this is because most of these parts contain a non-stick coating that may be easily scratched and affect their effectiveness. It's advisable to use a non-abrasive sponge when cleaning these parts.

3. Cleaning the inner parts of Air Fryer: After you have washed the removable parts, you also need to clean the interior of the air fryer. This does not mean you open inside the air fryer, but simply the open space that heats the food. You should be careful when cleaning this part and avoid electrical parts. Use hot water and sponge for cleaning these parts. In case you notice any stuck particles in the heating elements, remove them using a brush.

4. Drying the Parts: Before you can return the removable parts into the air fryer. Ensure you thoroughly wipe them to make them dry before you can reassemble them back into the air fryer.

In Conclusion

Cleaning an air fryer isn't that hard though it will require your time and effort. It's crucial to read the user manual that comes with the air fryer so that you can easily understand how to properly clean your air fryer. Remember, to avoid food contamination and bad smell from your air fryer, you should clean it after every use.


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