Book a Flight from BKK to PUS to Visit Beautiful Busan

For Bangkok residents who haven’t seen the sights of Busan, South Korea, all you need to do is look for flights labelled BKK to PUS. Although the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic is curtailing most holiday-seekers, when air travel becomes safe once more Busan is one of the places you’ll enjoy visiting. 

Busan is a modern coastal city of stunning beauty. Nestled between the surrounding green hills and a picturesque bay, the city is known as much for its 21st-century architecture as for its ancient and well-maintained monuments and temples of the past.

For Bangkok residents interested in touring the Buddhist temples of Busan, your days will be filled with sightseeing. For those wishing to simply lie on a pristine beach and soak up the sun, some of the best beaches in Korea are within less than an hour's drive from the city centre of Busan. 

All you have to do is look online after typing BKK to PUS, and you’ll be rewarded with hundreds of flights to this remarkable holiday destination. 

Things to See and Do in and Around Busan

We’ll start with food destinations in the city that will provide you with the energy for a day of sightseeing around the city of Busan. Then we’ll list two of the most stunning and popular Buddhist temples to visit. 

Jagalchi Fish Market

This is often named the number one attraction in Busan for the variety and freshness of the seafood it offers. Browse among the vendors and fish tanks on the ground floor, select what you want to eat, and then take it up to the second floor to be prepared for you. 

The market also has many fish restaurants, but if you choose one of these restaurants, you'd better be travelling with a small army, because the portions are large. 

Gwangbokdong Food Street

This food street is more of a narrow lane off the popular Gukje Market. It features many food vendors along both sides of the road. The most popular times to visit the food vendors is at breakfast or lunchtime. 

Simply pull up one of the low stools, have a seat, and proceed to feast on bowls of glass noodles (bibimyeon), or wheat noodles (milmyeon), with an array of toppings to choose from. 

Beomasa Temple

This is the largest and most important temple in Busan. Your hotel can offer directions to it as everyone in the city knows its location. Nestled in the northwestern hills of the city, the temple also offers a temple stay programme where you can learn meditation and prostration, dine on Korean Buddhist vegetarian food, and tour the grounds of the temple. 

Haedong Yonggungsa

Also known as the temple by the sea, this stunning architectural structure somehow blends in perfectly with the rugged coastline on which it’s located. It’s so visually striking that if you’ve seen any photos Busan, you’ve probably seen a photo of this picturesque temple. 

Busan also has the best beaches in Korea as well as many other attractions. If you want to visit this city from Bangkok, just type in BKK to PUS, and let the internet show you the way to Busan.  


Published by Mohaned Gadnne


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