How To Put On False Eyelashes: A Beginners Guide

How To Put On False Eyelashes: A Beginners Guide

Apr 16, 2020, 2:46:13 PM Life and Styles

No matter what your style, we can all agree the best thing to set off your look is a fabulous pair of falsies. From a subtle eyelash flutter to the bold and daring Kim Kardashian fan, there is a style for everybody.

If you want a unique look, they even come with glitter, beads or the latest trend, LED lashes!

So, why haven’t you given this Hollywood glam a go yet? Most likely due to thinking using strip lashes for the first time can seem like a daunting, fiddly and tricky task.

We won’t lie, no one masters this first time and it takes a little practice. However, the more prepared you are, the easier your first time will be. Be warned, once you do see how amazing false eyelashes are, they can become addictive as who can turn down that Insta-ready look?

How Do You Choose?

Before you even attempt to get those strip lashes anywhere near your face, you need to make sure you have purchased the right ones.

There are thousands on the market and it can quickly become confusing. The ultimate thing to keep in mind is if you’re not used to them, start subtle and build your way up. It’s easy to make the mistake of reaching for those huge fans for the first time. 

However, if you’re not used to seeing them on your face, you can look uncomfortable with this style and we all know the best way to look great is having confidence in our own choices.

It is also tempting to reach for the cheapest brand, after all, if we’re going to have to do a bit of trial and error, we don’t want to waste our hard-earned cash on the expensive ones, right?

Wrong! Cheaper brands are made of cheaper materials, these are often stiff plastics and harder to work with. They also don’t fit your eye well which means no matter how well you apply them, they are more likely to fall off. So no matter how well you put them on, you’ll always feel like you haven’t got the technique right!

Getting Prepped 

Once you’ve chosen your lashes, you’re probably eager to get going, pop them on and strut your stuff. Stop! You need to get prepared first, very few lashes are ready for your eyelid straight out of the box.

You need a clean, good quality pair of tweezers to gently tease the lashes out of their packaging, pulling from the outer edge. Next, hold the lash up to your eyelid and measure how much you need to trim off. The false lash should start and finish where your natural lashes do.

Using a pair of sharp, small scissors (clean nail scissors work well), carefully snip off the excess, you should only trim the outer edge and cut upwards to avoid accidentally removing lashes you want to keep.

You’ll be pleased to know you can apply your eye makeup before or after you apply your false eyelashes. If you are planning a dramatic eye that will take a lot of time, it may be best to do so after applying your false eyelashes while you are a novice.

This is due to the fact you may not apply your lashes perfectly the first time and repositioning them could upset that perfect blend you spent ages on. However, applying a light layer of mascara on your natural lashes can help you get a hold of them when applying your falsies.

Getting Sticky

You’re now ready for the main event. Using the lash adhesive applicator, gently sweep the glue along the strip while holding the lashes with your tweezers. Now for the bit where most people go wrong. You need to wait.

You can go wrong very quickly by trying to apply the lashes straight away, but the glue needs to dry and become tacky first. If you don’t wait, this can cause the glue to be too wet and your lashes will slide around.

A quick 20-30 seconds should be enough. Then you can press the strip lashes against your upper lash line, start in the middle and carefully press outwards. If you want some extra hold, try dotting some glue on your eyelid beforehand.

If you are wearing the lashes for long periods, always remember to take some adhesive in your bag for emergency top-ups, just in case!

Keep ‘em Clean

You may be surprised to know those false eyelashes can be used numerous times, especially if you look after them properly. Cleaning your strip lashes is incredibly important to help you save cash and reduce waste.

All you need is your trusted tweezers, cotton balls and eye makeup remover. Soak the cotton balls in the remover and gently sweep along the lashes, don’t forget to do both sides.

Use a fresh cotton ball for each lash to avoid any cross-contamination of germs and bacteria between eyes. Then use your tweezers to remove any excess glue from the strip and wipe along with your soaked cotton balls.

You need to lay your lashes out to dry, use a kitchen towel as this doesn’t have any loose fibres. Brush the lashes back to their correct shape, for the best results, you can use an eyelash brush or a clean mascara wand.

Be careful when you leave them to dry, strip eyelashes are incredibly light and if they are left near a draft they’ll blow away with ease!


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