Marijuana Stocks: Here Are the Recent Market Trends on a Weed Stock According to Potnetwork

Marijuana Stocks: Here Are the Recent Market Trends on a Weed Stock According to Potnetwork

Jul 25, 2019, 2:40:46 PM Business

Growth in the weed market has seen many invest in Marijuana Stocks. Potnetwork has different articles with information of how the market has improved over the recent years. It is one profitable venture you should try because the chances of making more money are very high. The main options you have in this market is becoming a grower, distributor, or offering advisory services. You can also do some packaging for different companies in the marijuana industry. Understanding the different types of marijuana will guide in this market. 

According to reports on Potnetwork, the two common types include recreational and medical cannabis. Medical type is one that has become popular over recent years and has been used to treat a variety of conditions.CBD is the primary component of medical marijuana. You can try one or both of them. The other thing you should do is look for best marijuana stocks if you want to get more from this type of venture. There are so many companies you can pick out there. However, you should be careful when choosing one. Here are some of the things to consider.

Market Presence

This is important and you can find market coverage info of some companies at Potnewtork, which has some of the latest news and information about the marijuana stock market. You can gauge this by having a look at some of the areas they have covered when in the sale and distribution of their products. Choosing a company that has covered a broad market base will guarantee you more money out of your investment. This is because of the increased number of sales you are guaranteed.

Financial Position

Checking reports of marijuana stocks on sources like Potnetwork can help you understand the financial position of some companies. No one wants to invest their stocks in a company that is about to go bankrupt anytime soon. You should take your time to understand the financial position of a specific company. Look for one that is stable. Make sure you look into their financial records or get reports from relevant sources. This will save you from disappointments that you may encounter in the future.

Unique Products

This something you will understand when you visit Potnetwork and read about some of the posts about marijuana meant for healthcare and recreational use. A company with products that stand out from the rest is the best to choose in the marijuana market. Compare different companies and have a look at the various products they have in place. Most people love trying new things. Getting one with those that stand out from the rest means there will be an increase in sales because of the different people who want to try out new products.

Market Trends in the Weed Stock

Going through some articles at Potnetwork, it is no secret that the marijuana market is witnessing significant growth. Global spending on cannabis reached an all-time high of $12 billion in 2018. This is according to research carried out by ArcView Market Research and BDS Analytics. It is expected to grow in the coming years. The projected figure expected by 2022 is about $32 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 26.7%. This means that those who are about to take a shot in the marijuana market have a promised future. Different companies have been listed as some of the best stocks to invest in. They include:

Canopy Growth

The Canadian-based marijuana producer has been ranked top in various lists. Potnetwork has some articles where these companies have been ranked. It has ventured in the United States market, even setting up a hemp production facility in the same region. Canopy Growth has also captured a more significant portion of the Canadian market where it caters for a population that is using cannabis for recreational purposes. You will not go wrong when you invest in their stocks.


You can read some news about this company on posts available at Potnetwork. The company located in the United States mainly deals with packaging cannabis products and the sale of vape accessories used in the process. They also make products used in the extraction of oils in the cannabis plant. KushCO has witnessed significant growth over the recent years, especially when the US government legalized hemp in late 2018.  This is another company you might not go wrong when you invest in their stocks. You are guaranteed high returns when you invest in the marijuana stock market. 


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