Powering Your ATV: How to Prep for Colorado ATV Trails

Powering Your ATV: How to Prep for Colorado ATV Trails

Apr 5, 2024, 3:29:26 PM Life and Styles

Prepping Your ATV for Colorado's Rugged Terrain

You just booked that dream ATV trip through the Rocky Mountains. Visions of tearing up steep climbs and bombing down dusty trails dance in your head. But hold up - is your ATV really ready to rock and roll through Colorado's rugged backcountry? These machines need some special care to handle the challenges of high-altitude riding. Don't get stuck on the side of a remote trail because you didn't prep your quad. Read on to learn how to get your ATV primed for adventure before you load up and point toward the peaks. With the right pre-trip checks and maintenance, your four-wheeler will carry you through incredible mountain scenery without a hitch. Take the time now so you can focus on the fun later on some amazing Colorado ATV trails.

Must-Have Accessories for Hitting the Trails in Colorado


First things first, you'll want aggressive tires that can handle rocky, uneven trails. Look for tires with deep treads designed specifically for ATVing. The extra grip will give you more control and traction on loose terrain.  


Colorado's trails are notoriously bumpy, so upgrade your suspension if needed. A suspension lift kit will raise your ATV's height, allowing you to clear larger obstacles. Heavy-duty shocks will also help smooth out the roughest parts of the trail.  


Skid plates, guards, and bumpers will shield sensitive parts like your differential, exhaust, and control arms from damage.  You'll also want to install rock sliders to prevent dents and dings in the body. Additional lighting, like LED light bars, will help illuminate the trail in low light conditions.  


Don't forget the basics! Pack essential tools, a first aid kit, food, water, a map of the trail system, and extra fuel. Let someone know your route plan before heading out.

With the proper tires, suspension, protection, and supplies, you'll be ready to conquer the challenging trails of Colorado. Take it slow until you get a feel for the terrain, be cautious around narrow or rocky sections,  and enjoy the breathtaking mountain vistas. The stunning scenery is worth every ounce of effort to experience firsthand!

Top Tips for Riding Colorado ATV Trails Safely

Prep Your ATV

Before hitting the trails, do a full inspection of your ATV to ensure everything is in working order. Check that the tires have proper pressure, brakes are functioning, and fluid levels are full. It’s also a good idea to pack essential tools, spare parts like an extra belt or spark plug, and emergency gear like a first aid kit.  

Dress for the Conditions  

The weather in the mountains can change quickly, so pack layers of clothing, rain gear, gloves, and sturdy boots. A helmet, protective eyewear, and protective gloves are must-haves for safety. High altitude sun is intense, even on cloudy days, so pack sunscreen and lip balm with SPF.

Know the Trail Conditions  

Check recent trail reports to know what conditions to expect. After heavy rain or snow, trails may be muddy, rocky, or even closed. Be prepared for stream crossings or exposed, rocky sections at higher elevations. Carry extra food, water, and emergency gear in case of trail damage or closures that require longer travel between towns.  

Ride at Your Level  

Colorado's trails offer terrain for all skill levels, so choose trails that match your experience.  Start with easier green trails before moving on to more difficult blues and blacks. Ride slowly until you get a feel for the trail, looking out for potential hazards. Never ride alone, and let someone know your route plan in case of emergencies.  

By preparing properly, dressing for varied weather, knowing the trail conditions, and riding within your limits, you'll have an epic ATV adventure exploring the scenic trails of Colorado. Staying safe means you'll be able to experience the thrill of the ride and enjoy the stunning mountain vistas. Have a great trip!

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