Service-Free Extinguishers - A Popular Choice

Service-Free Extinguishers - A Popular Choice

Feb 11, 2019, 1:37:02 AM Business

A look at the reasons why some companies choose to purchase extinguishers that do not need to be serviced regularly

Cost Effective

All business owners do not need reminding of how devastating it would be to watch their business premises go up in smoke as a result of the outbreak of fire. However, by making sure we have the right amount and right type of fire extinguishers on our premises, we should be able to at least reduce the chances of such a terrible thing happening. And if we take into consideration the amount of money we could stand to lose even with suitable insurance, in some cases, it is vital we invest in good quality fire extinguishing equipment. Of course, bosses that appreciate how they may be able to save a fair amount of cash by choosing service-free fire extinguishers are likely to scour the net for firms supplying these types. But although the initial outlay for these popular options in extinguishers may be higher than the more traditional fire fighting equipment they should end up being a more cost effective choice in the long run.

Sourcing Extinguishers

Just like with almost any kind of industry, there will always be some companies operating in the fire safety business that tend to specialise in one particular area of the products on the market today. Companies keen to get their hands on the P50 fire extinguishers supplied by a number of UK-based firms should take the time to search on the internet for reviews related to such fire fighting equipment. Indeed, by being prepared to read a lot of articles about options in firms selling service-free extinguishers, we should be able to avoid making a mistake with the company we choose to place an order with. Of course, the last thing any company hoping to buy a number of foam and powder extinguishers that do not need regular checks would want is to end up with a poor deal. 


Although extinguishers are often ignored by lots of people including some of the more cautious of business owners, these overlooked life safety devices play a vital role in keeping us safe not just at our place of work but at home too. However, for many folk, fire extinguishers are invisible red cans on walls that are rarely considered as something that could help save lives. Of course, businesses have a specific duty of care for fire safety to those who use or visit their premises and not just the people they employ. Indeed, fire extinguishers represent an essential first line of defence against the risks posed by fire and should not be used just as door stops or considered as unnecessary expense by some bosses. By being willing to at least consider the various options in fire extinguishers that do not need to be serviced once a year, unsure company owners may be able to eventually come round to the idea of purchasing a number of these vital fire fighting products.


One thing that must be taken into account with regards to the option of P50 fire extinguishers is that the provision of suitable fire extinguishers is dependent on the type of fire that needs to be put out. Indeed, fires are divided in to various classes – Class A refers to those involving carbonaceous materials such as paper and wood, Class B to fires involving flammable liquids, Class C to fires involving flammable gases, Class D to metal based fires and Class F is for fires involving cooking oils and fats. And although the P50 extinguisher can be used to deal with fires in Class A and B as far as foam is concerned and A, B AND C Class for ones where powder is suitable, they cannot be used for other types of fires including some electrical fires.  Authoritative guidance on what is deemed to be an adequate provision of portable fire extinguishers is found in British Standard BS 5306 Pt.8, which covers their selection and installation.

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