The Quirky and Magical Attractions for Broome Tours

The Quirky and Magical Attractions for Broome Tours

Dec 20, 2019, 8:50:28 AM Life and Styles

If you’ve decided to visit the Kimberley, it is likely that you will spend some time in Broome. Broome is often the embarkation point for many cruises and Broome tours. However, it is also a town that is packed with incredible and quirky attractions. So, here we’ll explore some things you should consider including in your holiday itinerary. 

The Broome Basics

Broome sits on a small Penisula within the Kimberley Region, and it is truly unique. Broome is where the Indian Ocean meets the last great wilderness in the world, and it has an exotic history built around the pearling industry. Broome has abundant wildlife, vast beaches, breathtaking colours, and a tropical climate. There are two seasons in the year, wet and dry. During the wet season, the humidity is high, and the temperatures hover around 33 degrees, while the dry season has pleasant days but with chilly evenings. 

Horizontal Falls

Horizontal Falls is a unique attraction, where the rapid currents force the water through the narrow gorges to create a stunning effect. Horizontal Falls are located in the remote Buccaneer Archipelago, so you will need to take a boat tour or scenic flight to experience them. 

Riddell Beach

While everyone flocks to Cable Beach, if you want to get away from the tourists, spend time at Riddell Beach. Although it is not as well known as Cable Beach, Riddell Beach is well worth negotiating the dirt track. Riddell is a little harder to find, but it oozes charm with incredible rock formations and crystal clear waters. This makes it ideal for a little seclusion and a romantic stroll at sunset. 

The Dinosaur Footprints

Broome has the largest collection of dinosaur footprints that date back millions of years. You can only see the prints at low tide, but there are also exhibits at the sight, so you can see what the palaeontologists have discovered. 

The Staircase to the Moon

This rare phenomenon only occurs on specific dates between March and October at Roebuck Bay. As the moon rises over the extremely low tide, exposed mudflats, it creates a magical illusion of a staircase. It is well worth coordinating your visit to Broome to see this. 

The Broome Aquarium

The aquarium is a brand new attraction in Broome and recreates the marine environment in the area of Cable Beach, Roebuck Bay, and the surrounding creeks. This will help you to understand the intricate ecosystem in the marine areas around Broome. 

Gantheaume Point

No trip to Broome should be considered complete without visiting Gantheaume Point. The point is at the far end of Cable Beach and provides spectacular views of the aqua blue ocean waters and dramatic red rocks. The cliff section provides stunning vistas, but you will need to travel a short stretch of unsealed road. At high tide, you may even see the locals jumping from the rocks into the waters or throwing in a line to score the catch of the day. 

If you are considering Broome tours, be sure to speak to us. At Broome Kimberley and Beyond, we offer access to fantastic tours and holiday packages. You’ll find our team ready to answer any queries to help you plan your dream break. 


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