Top 5 Delicious Vietnamese Food Items You Must Try

Top 5 Delicious Vietnamese Food Items You Must Try

Aug 6, 2019, 1:47:30 PM Life and Styles

When people all around the world are busy in adapting to new cooking techniques, Vietnam still sticks to its age-old ones. This is precisely what makes Vietnamese food stand out in entire Southeast Asia. The diversity in the food has made it a significant attraction for the foodies. In the Vietnamese dishes, you can get a taste of the Chinese flavors, aptly mixed green herbs, rice, noodles, meat, etc. If you actively wish to get the taste of authentic flavors of Vietnam, then these five foods are a must-try. You can visit authentic Vietnamese restaurant Toowoomba and get your hands on them.

  • PHO; the chef-d'oeuvre noodle soup

It has a fantastic combination of light texture and rich flavors, which displays the true spirit of Vietnamese cuisine. Simple ingredients with vintage techniques result in this modern-day favorite dish Phò. Flat rice noodles are immersed in a broth. This broth is prepared by keeping it overnight so that the flavors get enough time to dwell in. They are either served with beef or chicken. You can top this incredible dish with herbs, crispy spring onions, chilly and a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice. This is widely consumed by the people, and flavors begin to vary as you start to travel across the country.

  • O Bánh Mì; the vintage Vietnamese baguette

These are the traditional sandwiches made from Bánh mì bread. This Vietnamese baguette is prepared with an airy crumb made from wheat and rice flour. They are served with a number of fillings all resulting in different báhn mìs. This filling ranges from barbecued chicken, barbecued pork, meatballs, grilled chicken to egg. Several vegetarian fillings are also available, so there is no need for the vegetarians to be disappointed. The most popular and old mixture consists of cha Lua with thit nguoi(different types of pork). 

  • BUN CHA; the unique salad

A dish in which different Vietnamese flavors are brought together and served as a quick dinner. People also enjoy bun chà as a snack, and in all the season, it remains to be one of the favorites. It is a typical Vietnamese dish consisting of distinctive flavors collaborated with salad. Noodles, freshly barbecued pork, fish sauce and a number of fruits and vegetables are mixed with several spices and herbs. The noodles are cooked in a steaming broth and then combined with the rest of the food.

  • Bánh xèo; a spicy pancake

Bánh xèo can easily fool you for a pancake. It is a savory food that resembles a pancake. The batter is made up of rice which can be filled with mung beans, sprouts, diced green onions, shrimp and pork. Unlike many other Vietnamese dishes, it is also available for vegetarians with respective fillings. This savory Vietnamese pancake is popularly consumed with chili sauce. The addition of fresh herbs increases its healthy quotient. The word 'Báhn xèo' translates to the sizzling cake. This translation infers to the noise it makes during the course of its frying. 

  • Goi Cuon; Rice paper rolls or spring rolls 

These are made from Banh Trang, which is primarily rice paper. Goi Cuon is much similar to Chinese spring rolls, except for the fact that these aren't fried. This makes Goi Cuon stand out from the rest of the Vietnamese cuisine which is generally fried or grilled. The stuffing usually includes sprouts, noodles, greens like lettuce and coriander. You can additionally add pork and crab if the non-veg food goes well with you. This popular street food is served with a sweet and spicy peanut sauce. 


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