Top Five Ways to Dress up A Beautiful Backyard Fence for Instant Charm


Top Five Ways to Dress up A Beautiful Backyard Fence for Instant Charm

Jan 17, 2022, 10:56:40 AM Life and Styles

Proper backyard fencing provides security, privacy, and structure to the yard. But does that mean it always has to be utilitarian? Well, you can always play with your ideas to make your backyard fencing even more charming and appealing. Certain garden accessories, plants, and paints can go a long way to transform your home's entire look. So, you are just at the right place because this post here will give you some easy ideas to personalize your yard with the help of fence companies in Jacksonville FL.

Elegance Of Wood And Wire

Simple materials like wood and chicken wire are used. However, this fence demonstrates how they may make a practical and aesthetic barrier. The barrier keeps animals out of the raised vegetable beds. It also serves as a support structure for plants to climb.

Try Out Geometric Wood Fence

Consider something a little more intriguing than conventional vertical or horizontal slats when it comes to wood fence ideas. This geometric wood fence demarcates land while also adding a touch of style. It also doesn't block the view from the other side of the fence. Despite this, the wire between the wood pieces keeps rabbits and other garden pests at bay. You can have it installed by professional fence companies in Jacksonville FL.

Plant The Beautiful Flowering Vines

You may plant the flowering vines to add interest to the front of your fence. Stick to annual, non-woody plants that you can pull out at the end of the growing season. Use trellises to stimulate vertical growth along your fence.

Install Some Container Garden

Hanging planters may be used to dress up your fence. Fill pots with herbs for the summer dining, or plant blooming annuals for color during the season. Both options are window boxes that hang over the top of your fence or wall planter hooks that may be inserted directly into a wood fence.

Outdoor Garden Curtain Lights

Clear fairy lights will glam up the fence in no time. This is a great way to dress up your garden while also providing great illumination for those nights spent on the patio. Drape lights across the whole fence and use those curtain lights for shrubs to make the process a little simpler.

While there are innumerable DIY ideas to glam up your backyard fence, these were some of them. Silverman Fence is the best if you are looking for a professional fencing company. Silverman Fence is based in Jacksonville, Florida, and services residential and commercial business clients in Jacksonville and neighboring areas.

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