10 Useful Tips on How to Study Biology

10 Useful Tips on How to Study Biology

Feb 6, 2020, 11:53:57 AM News

Biology is one of the most fascinating subjects. Yes, experts in any subject can say the same about theirs, but how many of the subjects explore the biology of everything and everyone? This is a very useful, even necessary, and  interesting thing to study, and there are many things you can do with a biology degree. However, as anything else you have to study at school, biology can often become a challenge.

The curriculum of studying biology comes with plenty of activities and tasks that include, but are not limited to field trips, lab experiments, as well as presentations. There’s also the need to memorize facts and study for exams, not to mention write biology papers. When that happens, you need to be prepared. This is why we prepared the greatest tips on how to study biology.

1.Make Use of Class Time

Did you know that, if you focus on the lesson during class time, you’ll cut study time in half? Memorizing the information you’ve heard before is much easier than hearing it for the very first time. Also, this provides you with two ways of getting the same information – verbal and written.

Moreover, paying attention in the classroom will provide you with accurate information and notes, both of which should help you collect and organize the study materials.

This is harder than it sounds since focusing on class is somewhat of a routine. But, once you master it, you’ll find that you have more free time during the week than you used to.

2.Take Notes

Paying attention in class can be beneficial for everything related to your Biology grade, but only if you take notes. You can’t memorize everything, so it’s best for you to take short notes for homework tasks, assignments, important information, etc. This will help you memorize things, as well as organize your time properly.

The more you practice taking notes, the simpler it will get. Then, you’ll have the best notes when exam times come.

3.Use Those Biology Textbooks Effectively

How often do you use your biology book? To make learning easier, you should follow these steps in regard to your textbooks:

  • Read the sections that are introduced in class while the information is still fresh.
  • Make short summaries or notes on the most important parts of the text. Sticky notes are perfect for this.
  • If the book belongs to you and you only, mark the most important things with a highlighter to make studying easier.
  • Study the illustrations in your biology textbooks. These are really important.
  • If you don’t understand something, ask. Don’t just memorize it without knowing what it means.

4.Use Cards

Wondering how to study biology effectively? Well, this case is pretty much the same as studying any subject, which is why the common trick applies – cards. Use all kinds of cards like index cards, flash cards, and even cue cards. Biology comes with many terms and new information, which makes cards perfect for studying.

5.Use Mnemonics

Mnemonics are sounds, sentences words, and graphics that serve as memory aids. These will help you memorize the important facts. There’s one excellent example for biology mnemonics:

‘Limping dreadfully, King Phillip Came Over from Great Spain’

Now, take the first letter of each word, and you get the classification category: life, domain, kingdom phylum, class, order, family, genus, species.

6.Make Concept Maps and Graphs

To memorize the biology concept, you can use concept maps. This is a brainstorming tool, as well as a memorizing aid. Place the most important topic at the top of your map and move downwards. Use arrows in the process.

7.Use Mind Maps

Mind maps are a more flexible way of noting the information down when compared with concept maps. Use your imagination and mind to link between ideas and topics in the form of a mind map.


8.Make Study Plans

Time is limited for everyone, so you’re probably wondering how to study for biology and find the time for everything else. If you want to find time for everything, you must learn to balance things. For that, you’ll need a study plan.

9.Get Help when You Need It

There’s no shame at asking for help with biology. No subject is simple to master and sooner or later, everyone has some struggles with it. If something is unclear, speak to your instructor. If you can’t write a biology paper or dissertation, find a service and tell them write my dissertation for me. If you can’t memorize the material, get a tutor to help you.

10.Use the Internet

The Internet can be an incredible tool if you use it right. There’s so much information about biology there, you literally have access to everything you need. Find some good learning resources, check the validity of your research data, and simply enrich your knowledge of the subject.

Final Thoughts

Biology is an extremely interesting and diverse subject that most students enjoy studying. However, as with any subject, you might find it challenging to memorize everything. These tips should help you do it faster and more effectively.

Author’s Bio:

Elizabeth Skinner holds a doctorate in Biology and is a health communication specialist and educator. She’s been doing this for the past five years, all whilst sharing her knowledge in the field on her many blogs and websites. Before she started working as an educator, Skinner was a medical and health services manager at several prestigious hospitals in the US.

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