5 Essential Car Maintenance Tips

5 Essential Car Maintenance Tips

Aug 20, 2019, 9:44:07 PM Life and Styles

Nobody wants to experience going through unexpected car repairs especially when you have a busy lifestyle. Just like human beings, machines also require extra care and attention if you want them to function properly. Car care is very important in this day and age where the cost of repairing is not just high but also very time consuming. In some new cars you get to see a notification or a warning indicator to check or replace a certain parts of the vehicle but that is not the case with all kinds of vehicles. If you want your car to be always up to speed and with its best performance, you need to follow a strict car maintenance schedule.

Check and replace air filters if needed

No many how clean your country is, there is always dirt and debris entering your car especially when you’re driving it through rush hours and heavy traffic. The constant speeding and breaking of the car gives way to large numbers of unwelcoming substances. The first and foremost thing that is badly effected by dirt and debris is your car filter and the first part that is going to stop working properly is your air conditioner. If you don’t want yourself and your children to keep breathing unhealthy air due to faulty air filter, you need to either clean it or replace it immediately.

Keep a check on your car battery

Nobody wants to experience a situation where you’re late for work or some other important engagement and your car won’t start. Just because of a minor negligence of not checking your car battery on time, you can experience a similar situation in the future. The best thing about this car tip is that 95% of the cars has a low battery indication allowing the driver to immediately know what’s wrong with the vehicle.In order to save yourself from such situations, you need to regularly check your battery water and inspect for any possible leakage or mineral build up. 

All car fluids are essential for running

Whether it’s break oil, gear oil or most importantly engine oil, you need to keep a check on them at all times. You can’t just keep ignoring any kind of leakage and expect the car to not create any problems in the future. The first and foremost car maintenance tip is to check your engine oil especially if your car covers longer distances on a daily basis.. Similarly, you need to keep tabs on all other car fluids as well so that everything from breaks to engine runs smoothly.  

Check your tire pressure regularly

Nobody wants to see a flat tire especially when you’re late for a meeting. If you want to be safe in the future, you can always purchase an air pressure measuring tool. This car care tip will allow you to keep a check on the air pressure of the tires and this way you will immediately know if something’s wrong with the tires.

Always keep your car covered

If you don’t want your car to be exposed to dust, sunlight and rain water, you need to keep it covered especially at night or whenever it is parked outside your house. This car tip will not only prevent the car from being dirty, but will also save it from rust and possible paint damage. 


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