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Well, we all enrol in a hair care routine that features different beauty products meant to make wonders for our hair. But how do you give your hair the nutrients it requires for a healthy look?

This is when the importance of deep conditioning comes into the spotlight. Deep conditioning is meant to improve the overall look and feel of the hair, while used routinely will give you a softer, less damaged hair. But keep in mind that deep conditioners have different purposes depending on your hair type. If you are wondering how to deep condition different hair types, read below the best haircare tips that will give you the healthiest hair.


Best Cuts offers one of the best deep conditioning treatments, although mostly know for its haircut and styling services it has many other beauty services for offer. Best Cuts Deep conditioning prices range from $15 for men and $30 for women. However, the price mainly depends on the length of your hair. Even though learning and Doing it yourself can be time consuming but It once you get the hang of it all, It is a lot less tedious. At Best Cuts trained professionals do this everyday and will provide a professional quality job.

How to use deep conditioning treatment for damaged hair

Deep conditioning damaged hair is a must do in order to restore its beauty. If you have brittle hair that has a dull appearance, you definitely have to use a deep conditioner. Even though a good shampoo and a conditioner are key elements of any hair care routine, it is highly recommended to include a deep conditioning treatment. So, what to use?

  • In-shower conditioner:

A beauty tip for haircare is to extend the time between washes if you have dry hair. Moreover, if you have thick hair, shampoo even less frequently, while for fine hair, it is highly recommended to wash it every other day.

So, after your hair is properly cleaned, apply a conditioner specially designed for dry hair, that will nourish and hydrate your hair properly, one that has also the power to detangle it.

  • Leave-in conditioner:

A professional leave-in conditioner is easy to use and it even provides heat protection, for those that regularly style their hair in different ways.

  • Conditioning mask:

Applying twice a week a conditioning hair mask is key to reviving damaged hair. Opt for products rich in ceramides due to the fact that they offer long-term strength and nourishment.


How to use deep conditioning treatment for curly hair

Deep conditioning curly hair is a different kind of business due to the fact that it requires a lot of time and conditioning after every wash. Simply put: curly hair is constantly thirsty and needs a rich conditioner to fulfil its needs.

  • Conditioning mask:

The best approach to deep conditioning curly hair is to frequently use a mask. A hydrating deep conditioning mask is recommended to be used after every wash, while allowing it to work its magic by covering your hair with a towel for 10 to 20 minutes.

How to use deep conditioning treatment for coloured hair

Another tricky situation is deep conditioning coloured hair. For this, specialists recommend both leave-in conditioners and masks, as those have the power to nourish the hair for a longer period of time after being applied on the hair.

  • Leave-in conditioner:

Opt for a weightless, spray leave-in conditioner that is rich in essential oils such as grapeseed or coconut oil. Allow it to sit on your hair for 10 minutes and after that slowly tap with your towel the length of your hair in order to remove excess product.

  • Conditioning mask:

A conditioning mask for coloured hair is best to be applied once a week. Opt for products rich in elements that nourish and support your hair strength, such as those that feature a rich content of honey.

How to use deep conditioning treatment for normal to fine hair

Even though you might mistakenly consider that normal hair does not require deep conditioning, the truth is a deep conditioning treatment is a must do foe every hair type. Sun, weather conditions, pollution or day to day styling can weaken your hair. Thus, a treatment is meant to provide an extra boost of vitamins and mineral to keep hair healthy.

  • Conditioning mask:

Besides using both shampoo and hair conditioner, it is highly recommended by experts to use once a week a deep conditioning mask for normal hair in order to thoroughly clean the hair at a cellular level and nourish it.

Opt for in-shower products, such as masks that need to be allowed to work for around 10 minutes and rinse your hair with luke warm water. Use products rich in cocoa butter or olive oil for extra strong strands and healthy scalp.

The best thing about doing your own deep condition treatment at home is that you are always finding out what works for your hair and what does not, while constantly increasing your knowledge and you get a sense of control over your own hair. However,Best Cutsis a very good place to get this treatment at a very reasonable price. This way you can also avoid all the hassle and the mess of doing it yourself which is why many people prefer to get a lot of their hair treatments at salons so they can save time and effort.

So, any hair type must benefit from the amazing properties of a deep conditioning treatment. Curly, normal or damaged – every hair type needs from time to time extra care and a boost of nutrients.

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