Is Supply Chain Management a Good Career for Young People?

Is Supply Chain Management a Good Career for Young People?

May 27, 2021, 5:44:05 AM Business

If you are a fresh graduate looking to start a career in supply chain, then there are several companies looking for savvy and smart logistics and supply chain executives. Perhaps you are already a supply chain officer in a door to door parcel delivery company in the UK and looking to enhance your career in this industry, let us show you that there is a clear path to this career without going to through a painful experience. Despite the pandemic and many companies going bankrupt, you can still rise and shine like a large parcel delivery company UK’s supply chain manager with the following tactics.

Let us get started. After reading this article, you will find significant value because we are helping you to see the things and positions in this field of supply chain that are connected to your career success.

Supply Chain Management is a Lucrative Career

According to the Logistics Bureau, more than 80% of young people are looking for starting a good career in supply chain management. Before we get into this discussion a little bit deeper, let us provide you with the details that are beneficial to you.

First thing first, when you opt to start a new career or even excel in an existing one, you always find out what is the scope of that career. Let us tell you the truth that supply chain management has a broad scope in the United Kingdom and Europe. Since it is a widest area of any European multidrug and pickup company, no two organizations have the same supply chain strategies. That means this field provides you a great opportunity to approach the same thing with different approaches.

In many large parcel delivery UK firms, there is no clear and transparent supply chain management part. But there is a positive side of this because you can take your career to almost any height. However, in this article, we are discussing the paths that have the most probability to get you through to a successful and rewarding supply chain career.

Logistics and Supply Chain Jobs in the UK

There are many types of jobs in supply chain and logistics organizations in UK. For example, you can categorize them in a certain way. You can look at those jobs from the perspective of supply chain planning and delivery strategies.


1.     Supply Chain Planning Jobs

Since planning is everything for an organization to achieve its goals, it is required at every stage of an organization. For example, you can do the role of a supply chain planner that is typically a management role in a UK logistics corporation. You can be responsible for creating many strategies to enhance SC operations.

Then there is demand planner job in this sector that involves forecasting the future demands for a company’s products. It allows you to work with multiple supply chain functions while avoiding over-supply.

You can work as a capacity planner in an agriculture and logistics organization where they need someone to optimize their level of demand.

Moreover, you can also apply for a role of logistics resource planner that has a narrower scope compared to other jobs. This involves mainly customizing customers’ orders and making sure that trucking operations are going smooth.

Transportation and Logistics

Since supply chain management is a fast-paced profession, firms need diligent and smart people to make delivery of goods possible. Even clerical staff, truck drivers, and other vehicle planners in supply chain companies earn a lot.

When you focus on the knowledge aspect of supply chain management career, supply chain is one sector that you can easily choose to embrace without going into a clerical job first.

You can consider the following positions beneficial for your logistics career such as:

·        Logistics manager

·        Transportation administrator

·        Reverse logistics manager

·        Warehouse administrator

·        Inventory controller

·        Logistics director


Each of these jobs or positions in the organizations can lead to great rewards and promotions in the future because you can easily progress or move into a group management role. Before progressing into senior management roles, you can gain experience in similar small roles to enhance the level of expertise.

There is Something for Everyone in Supply Chain Organization

As you might have guessed from this article, there must be so many type of jobs in supply chain organizations in the UK to help you break into this profession. The beauty of this field is that it allows you to dive into broader mechanics.

The bottom line is, once you develop some robust skills and always promise yourself that you will do the best job no matter what the circumstances, this field will allow you to see many blessings along the way to riches and stardom. You can even be promoted to become the CEO of your organization, sky is the limit when you choose supply chain as your industry.






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