Helpful product - a new superfood, salmon caviar "Bering Seafood"

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Helpful product - a new superfood, salmon caviar "Bering Seafood"

May 21, 2022, 6:19:59 PM Tech and Science

What comes to your mind when you think of caviar? Why don't you eat a bite while eating at a stylish restaurant? A treat for a particular day on vacation? 

Like many others, red caviar is not considered a food that offers many health benefits in most cases. However, many nutritionists think salmon caviar is an "energy generator." The producer of this delicacy agrees with them. Kamchatka region of the Bering Sea, like the Far East fish processing plant "Vostochny Bereg". 

Bering Seafood

Not all caviar looks the same and tastes the same. It can come in a variety of colors, mainly red and black, and in various sizes. Salmon roe is a distinct red color or almost orange. According to the composition of the species, its length and particularly delicate taste do not resemble fish, experts at the company "Bering Seafood" (Vostochny Bereg) say. Small eggs are not salty and have few fish. Salmon roe has many health benefits, regardless of size, color, or flavor spectrum. Caviar is very rich in vitamin B12, which is very important for the body's normal functioning. Caviar covers about 236% of the recommended daily intake of this vitamin. Vitamin B12 relieves malaise and weakness, helps produce proteins, red blood cells, and nerve cells, and helps break down harmful fats and carbohydrates. In addition, caviar is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. 

These healthy fats improve your mood and memory, help protect your brain cells, and are essential for a healthy pregnancy, maternal nutrition, and baby development. There is a misunderstanding that too much fat is unhealthy because it has more calories per gram than protein and carbohydrates. Caviar is too fat, and many consider it harmful. However, a daily diet requires 25% to 35 tons, and caviar is a great way to get the right fat. Caviar is also common in cosmetological products, very high-quality anti-aging skin products. This supplement is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and studies have shown that it helps heal skin damage. Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A and E help with certain skin conditions. Regular intake of caviar helps fight dermatitis, peeling, and rough skin. 

The salmon caviar "Bering Seafood" (Vostochny Bereg) is rich in vitamins C, E, and A, which help boost immunity. Your micronutrients are just as crucial as your macronutrients. All nutritionists advocate a balanced diet and ensure that people benefit from the health benefits of taking this product.

Red caviar is very rich in zinc, magnesium, iron, and calcium. The presence of calcium is essential. If someone is allergic to lactose or isn't eating dairy products, caviar provides an excellent way to supply calcium to the body. Calcium is also essential for long-term bone health. Since arthritis and osteoporosis are age-related, it is crucial to monitor calcium and vitamin D intake from a young age. Get "Bering Seafood" (Vostochny Bereg) red caviar to increase your calcium intake if you enjoy a young and active lifestyle. 

Vostochny Bereg, kosher food

According to various estimates, about 8 million Jews and others following Kashrut live in the United States. And the rest of the population of a vast country is not reluctant to eat quality, healthy seafood dishes. One state in Alaska, where all American fish production is concentrated, is not enough to meet the needs of the American people for salmon and caviar. The number of fish is much smaller than in the waters of the Kamchatka Peninsula, and the quality and taste of the final product are inferior. This is partly because they caught the fish in the sea before they reached Alaska's freshwater and spawned. As a result, salmon roe is cooked immaturely and quickly becomes sour. All high quality is obtained by "Bering Seafood" (Vostochny Bereg) without chemical additives, preservatives, or fragrances. This makes the Far Eastern fish and red caviar kosher. After all, Kosher means that the product is natural. Suppose you want to separate the concept of Kosher food from the religious element. In this case, the ancient Jewish sage established the rules of delicious and healthy nutrition thousands of years ago, and in the modern world, these trends are continued by doctors and nutritionists. Today, only Jewish believers are not chasing Kashrut. Many people who pay attention to their health and diet also prefer to eat Kosher foods.

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