Ourcoaching.com – An E-Learning Platform


Ourcoaching.com – An E-Learning Platform

Jan 16, 2019, 9:50:00 PM Tech and Science

Education is the primary pillar over which life of an individual rests upon. Hence, it must be firm with a grand foundation, on which, the entire life of an individual can rely upon. Quality education across the world often faces limitations or hurdles such as:

a.       Premier and reliable coaching centers have limited number of seats.
b.      Proper coordination between student and teacher often lags.
c.       Admission or tuition fees of many institutes are not affordable by most of the guardians.
d.      Daily travel and commuting often lead to inconvenience.
e.      All institutes lack proficient faculty or curators.
f.        Not all institutes are capable of providing tutoring of all subjects or topics collectively.
g.       Quality is compromised over quantity due to variation in teacher-student ratio.

Looking at all of this, it is correct to conclude that the current scenario of education neither motivates self-paced learning nor is it having any provision for restriction-free learning. To ward off this commotion, Mr. Kunal Kapoor and his brother laid the foundation of Ourcoaching – an e-Learning website. Built in the year 2015, the aim was to provide a restriction-free and versatile online learning platform to students, aspirants, and enthusiasts.

Ourcoaching.com, since its inception is striving hard to help students in brushing up their skills by using the following tools:

Free Interface: We provide a free interface for students and learners to gain access to our online learning platform. All you need to have is an email ID or a Facebook account. The endless learning resources follow a precise registration process for students of all class and ages.

A wide gamut of study resources: We provide academic solutions to students according to their needs. For this reason, we have study materials classified in categories, such as C.B.S.E, programming, robotics etc. Academic professionals formulate the study resources along with experts review to avoid any sort of discrepancy. The platform is suitable for students of all classification as we proudly host tutorials on over 10000 topics.  

Study anytime, anywhere: Ourcoaching.com is an online platform that enables students to study according to their convenience. Students can easily take out time from their daily schedule to access our open source platform and earn learning benefits from our resources. Neither is there any issues related to punctuality at classes nor is there any scooting issue. The only thing required is the will to learn and prepare oneself in a self-paced growth.

Access to a computer or smartphone opens the doorway to our learning interface. Our 24/7 active features facilitate in the procedure round the clock.

Learning and Earning Interface: www.ourcoaching.com provides an earning platform for tutors and mentors around the globe. Individuals having competent knowledge or expertise in any topic can avail earning benefits from our side. All they require is to register at our interface as a tutor or online instructor, completely free of cost.

They can then generate information-rich study resources for learners and students which then becomes available for everyone. This allows the contents created by the tutors or instructors to be accessed by millions of students worldwide.

Publishers can upload effective knowledge resources in forms of infographics, videos and several other learning-friendly formats and patterns. Hence they can earn unlimited from the circulation of their study materials and by providing online guidance to students.

Benefit for Institutes: We also offer support to upcoming institutes and coaching centers. This is made possible through an institute listing option where institutes can register themselves completely free of cost.  Hence, we give the institutes a gateway to promote and advertise themselves.

By registering at our portal, an institute gets access to a student database ranging to millions across the globe. They can provide quality tutorials and study resources to earn. This directly helps them to boost their business volume and spread their expertise globally.
Packed with gifts of knowledge and earning, www.ourcoaching.com is all set to make a PAN-India presence. We motivate and appreciate students for their dedication to learn and grow. We also respect tutors and mentors for their urge and passion to spread knowledge. Being part of this divine task of spreading education in an unrestricted and non-profit way it makes us proud. So register yourself today to be part of a grand education success story – you can learn or you may earn!

Published by MoizRaza Khatri

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