RAIDShadow Legends – Choose Your First Champion

RAID Shadow Legends Hack

RAIDShadow Legends – Choose Your First Champion

Apr 8, 2021, 7:06:01 AM Sport

RAID Shadow Legends is notorious for the complex gameplay and depth of choices regarding team building, gear, and masteries. For a new player, however, all the different facets of the game can seem overwhelming. Before you get the opportunity to know Tiktok Guide, you're likely to create a couple of poor decisions at the very least, which are bound to slow your progression later on.

What's more, RAID throws you straight to the fray as soon as you enter its vivid fantasy world. Just a couple of minutes in, you are asked to select among four great champions and discard the rest.


Choosing Your First Champion




A High Elf Attack champion, Elhain is perhaps the most annoying character in the brief introduction to the game. However, this will not disqualify her because she can also be one of the very most powerful heroes with regards to how well she scales through your progression. Her abilities include:


• Keen Shot – A single-target attack that is repeated if Elhain deals critical damage.

• Lightning Arrow – An attack that focuses one enemy first, then shoots all enemies. If the original target dies, Elhain gains a Crit Rate bonus for three turns.

• Valley of Death – An AoE ability that targets all enemies twice.




The Dark Elf Attack champion Kael is a similarly formidable choice, but his focus is more on damage with time effects than direct attacks. His abilities are:


• Dark Bolt – A single-target attack that's a chance to poison the enemy for two turns.

• Acid Rain – An AoE attack that damages all enemies. For every single opponent killed, Kael's turn meter is refilled by 25%, meaning the hero acts more often than others.

• Disintegrate – A semi-AoE ability that targets four random opponents and can poison them for two turns.




This Orc Attack champion is likely the best choice for early domination, although he will not scale in addition to Elhain or Kael through the late game. His range of abilities includes:


• Cross Slash – A single-target ability that lets Galek attack twice.

• Hellraiser – An AoE that targets all enemies and buffs Galek with speed for two turns.

• Cursed Blade – A semi-AoE attack that targets four enemies and has a chance to debuff them with decreased defense. Furthermore, if the opponents suffer from more than two debuffs, an additional defense decrease is applied.




Athel is a Telerian Attack champion and the only real hero with a self-buff in the original pool of choices. However, she can also be the weakest option, both short- and long-term. Her abilities are:


• Strike down – A single-target, triple attack that could inflict a weakened debuff on the enemy for two turns.

• Higher Blessing – A self-buff for an increased attack best hard drive for macbook pro, in addition to increased defense and an extra turn if Athel is below 50% health.

• Divine Blades – A direct AoE attack that targets all enemies.


Overall, the best champion long-term is Elhain, but Kael is available in a detailed second and might be preferred by some players. Galek is a monster regarding damage and farming campaign stages during the early game, so he is more enjoyable to play the bat quickly. The only option that doesn't seem viable to us is Athel, a champion that may have her very own merit against dungeon bosses, but that arises shortly when compared to the alternatives.

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