How Does Car Engine Oil Work

Car Engine Oil

How Does Car Engine Oil Work

Jul 24, 2021, 2:08:09 PM Life and Styles

Just as blood gives life to your body, so does proper oil lubrication give life to your engine. Basic function of engine oil for lubrication of moving parts.

When oil is pumped through the engine under pressure, it leaves behind a special lubricating film (oil film) that creates a slippery surface for all that contact. The result is improved engine performance and service life.

Engine oil travels around the engine, more and more heat is absorbed and transferred. Upon returning to the engine oil sump, the oil is cooled by outside air passing over the oil sump surface before being recirculated back through the system for other purposes.

Minerals, semi-minerals or fully synthetic motor oils with additives such as friction modifiers and special detergents are needed. These additive molecules tend to disintegrate large deposits while preventing the clustering of smaller particles such as carbon deposits, i.e., sludge. Oil protection levels deteriorate as a result of contamination. Which arises from fuel droplets that leak past the piston rings and settle on the engine oil sump.

These contaminants reduce the protective effectiveness of the oil, which otherwise also includes the breakdown of an important lubricating oil cover.

Imported engine oils:

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Change the car's engine oil in Lahore:

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