How I Overcame My Crypto (Ethereum)Troubles on Trust Wallet

How I Overcame My Crypto (Ethereum)Troubles on Trust Wallet

Nov 28, 2021, 5:14:07 PM News

I was very reluctant to tell my Trust Wallet story because I was just extremely happy to be over that dark phase and didn’t realize how many people were still going through this ordeal until I overheard a conversation while having coffee at Rosetta.

I’m Annika and here’s my story on how I overcame my crypto issues on Trust Wallet.

In 2020, I decided to start some investment in crypto because I had recently retired and had much time lurking around. I wasn’t making any considerable income and needed to augment my savings. I invested my retirements savings in Ethereum and with the hope that after a couple of months, some substantial returns would have been generated.

I was right as by towards the early part of 2021, the price of Ethereum had soared and skyrocketed, and I decided to make some withdrawals. This was the beginning of my troubles. I logged on to my Trust Wallet account and attempted to proceed with the desired transactions. For some unknown reasons, it got declined and did not pull through. The transaction perpetually remained in a pending state. There was virtually no help from the Trust Wallet support team as they only sent me an automated response email, and which was of little or no assistance with my case.

I followed suggestions from friends and online community members to delete my wallet and enable it again with installed updates, still, nothing happened. I was nervous and frustrated as my retirement savings were on the line.

Furthermore, I tried adjusting the gas fees and waited for a day before trying it out again. I kept getting an error code or message. I decided to try out another approach by clearing my browser cache and cookies, and then deleting the wallet, but the results were the same as the pending or stuck transaction did not pull through. I became dejected as I had exhausted all options and all hope was lost.

However, my turnaround came when I came across a post on a blog. My obsession with following every story about TrustWallet issues led me to a blog where the writer extensively wrote about getting help with crypto-related issues. I became intrigued and contacted the writer via email who assured me that the process was easy and secured. Having exhausted all other options, I decided to give this a trial.

The trial was worth it as the pending transaction issue got resolved and remedied within a few hours. I became full of life again because I did not lose my retirement savings to a Trust Wallet technical error, I am thankful that I came across that blog.

Like I earlier mentioned, I assumed many already knew about this until I heard another lady tell her story to her friend at Rosetta and it dawned on me that so many people were still going through the suffering caused by crypto or Trust Wallet issues just because they didn’t have the information I got. Contacting that writer was one of the easiest things I had ever done as well as the best decision I ever made.


This is a big deal for me because I'm enjoying life once again and I’m sharing this because I know what it feels like to lose everything you have to a crypto or transaction issue. I know what hopelessness feels like and that’s why I want to help as many people as possible who read my story. For all crypto or wallet related issues such as pending transactions, coin swap problems, unauthorized withdrawals, password retrievals, etc., contact 

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