16 advices for a pleasant and comfortable flight. Part 1

16 advices for a pleasant and comfortable flight. Part 1

If you travel a lot by air as a passenger you should read this! Being a flight attendant is very stressful job and requires lot of concentration, flexibility and patience. What pushes flight attendant’s buttons and what you can do as a passenger to make your flight more comfortable and their jobs easier? Today you will learn also very interesting and some of them funy facts flight attendants will never tell you…

1. After boarding is completed cabin attendants must count all passengers on board. It is not very polite to interrupt them when you can’t find a place to stow your luggage. You can ask them for assistance when they start closing the overheadbins, which means they have already finished with the counting. Remember thе faster cabin attendants finish with the counting, the faster you will be ready for take off.  Once I had a situation when I had to count all passengers on board ,but couldn’t do it, because of a Russian woman who had a problem with the seats of her children. I told her few times to wait, so I can count the passengers first and after that I will assist her. But no…she had interrupted me five times more to tell me what her problem was. Аt the end I got so angry that I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t have the right to punch her in the face, offend her and having all this in mind made me feel so powerless. That is why my face turned red, my hands started shaking and all I did was to furiously whisk my manual counter device in front of her face. The only words that could come out of my mouth were slowly and clearly saying: ”Don’t you see I am counting, woman?! Could you PLEASE be more pratient, because you hinder the normal process of working?!”

2. If there is not enough space in the overhead bins for your luggage you can always try under the seat in front of you. Besides this way you can protect your luggage from airplane gnomes who rummage it for chewing gums and candy…just kidding.

3. Cabin attendants are not obliged to pick up your heavy luggage. If you can’t pick your own 50 pound suitcase, how do you expect а slender cabin attendant to do it? Well..for 50 bucks I may think about it…

4. If you are sitting next to an emergency exits you are obliged to put ALL your hand luggage (pillows, quilts, carpets, fryers and all other new purchases) in the overhead bins, no matter wich airline you’re flying with. It is necessary to do it only for take off and landing, because this is the most risky moment when an emergency situation may occur and all exits should not be blocked. We do understand you wish to take a closer look to your new microwave, fryer or TV, but you can do it after take off.

5. I will reveal one secret which flight attendants will never tell you, because they are always going to be shy – fat people should not be seated next to an emergency exits. They are with reduced mobility and it is not appropriate such people to be seated where they may detain evacuation. I will tell you a funny, but true story in our airline.

The rest you can read on: https://crewlifechronicles.com/2016/03/19/15-advices-for-a-pleasant-and-comfortable-flight/

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