Being a flight attendant might not be so prestigious profession, but I cannot deny the fact there is also a bright side of it. Imagine you get on board and you become a witness of the following scenes:

During the boarding a passenger is leaving her baby in the overhead compartment, because there is not enough space for her luggage AND her baby. Ok, you try to be nice and kindly explain to the passenger what she did is not right and you pull out the baby from the overhead bin.

After that you must help an old fat guy to fasten his seatbelt, but it turns out this mission is way too hard and almost impossible, because he is too fat and refuses to use an extension. My hands start shaking, I give my best to fasten it and finally the guy bursts into laugh and oh my God! I can see his belly bumping, I know I can’t hold my laugh anymore, because probably I look ridiculous and when I see the guy’s already crying with laughter - the whole plane bursts into a hyserical laugh. But at last mission is completed!

Let’s do not forget to pick all the hand luggage from the emergency exits. I kindly ask one of the ladies to put her purse in the overhead bin for take off and landing, because the exits should not be blocked in case of an emergency situation. And do you know what she did? She just pulled out a few safety pins out of her purse and attached it to her belly with them and put another sweater on. OKAY?!

As soon as the seatbelts signs have been swiched off after take off, a young couple gets into the lavatory together and you start thinking ”Are you serious, people?! At least you could have done it more…secretly.” Therefore my colleague and I start giggling and watching the clock. After 2mins they come out of the lavatory…oh, come on, so quickly?!

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Published by Monika Kachamanova

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