What happens later? After the lady who was flawlessly fighting with the door trying to open it, thinking it was the lavatory, it’s time to start with the beverage service. The Captain is making announcement to all passengers, giving them more information about our flight. An old man is asking me: ”Excuse me young lady, are we going to depart soon?” WHAT?! I never believed this is going to happen to ME! ”Sir, it’s been 30mins since we are flying” – I start laughing. Two rows behind another woman is asking me ”Excuse me, I am not very sure if I understood right what the Captain just said. Are we flying at 12 000km height?”. ”Madam, if we were flying at 12 000km height we would probably already be at the mesosphere.” – the purser replies.

As we are still on the aisle with the beverage trolley another woman starts waving very energetically at us. ”Just look at her! Look at her bandy hands waving like a mantis!” my colleague whispers.
– Yes, madam. – he says.
– Excuse me, from which region is the wine from? – the woman asks.
– From which region are you, madam?! – my colleague replies laughingly and everyone (including the curious passenger) start laughing hysterically.

Suddenly the Captain calls from the cockpit and tells the purser somebody has opened the cover on one of the emergency exits and tried a few times to put it back on it’s place. (Yes, airplanes are smart and pilots can see everything on their monitors at the cockpit what is happening on the airplane). The purser goes to the emergency exit to tell the passengers not to play with it, but then she sees two old people – a man with his wife pretending they’re ”asleep”. What can you do, what can you say…yeah, don’t worry, we all know you two didn’t do it. Casper the ghost did it…

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Published by Monika Kachamanova


Jan 10, 2017, 3:33:28 PM

you should collect these and other stories until you have enough to put together a book

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