Why do flight attendants have carry on bags?

Why do flight attendants have carry on bags?

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Today I received a very interesting question from an aviation lover. Why do flight attendants have carry on bags when they don’t have night stays? What crew really keep in those bags so much? 

True. Everywhere we go, that bag follows! Usually our cabin crew image is incomplete without a suitcase trailing it behind us. Some airlines provide for their employees suitcases and other airlines prefer – bags, BUT the truth is you can’t see a flight attendant without carry on bag, no matter if he/she has night stays or turnaround flights. It’s a uniform requirement that it must be kept as is with only a company authorized bag tag on the outside. 


 I’ve peeked into a few suitcases of colleague’s of mine ( I mean stewards) and there is really nothing inside their bags. Only their flight documents and nothing else! What can I say…MEN. It is good always to bring some spare clothes and underwear with yourself, because everything happens… Since I had a few situations when our airplane broke and I had to stay one day in Paris and two days in Frankfurt,  I always bring in my suitcase one sport-elegant dress suitable for any weather conditions and occasions, spare underwear and shoes! You feel much more comfortable while exploring the city you’re stuck in, instead of exploring it in your high heels wearing your uniform and trailing your suitcase behind yourself everywhere you go…Besides when you’re with your colleagues you look even more ridiculous when you’re all dressed alike. But for my unforgettable experience in Paris and Frankfurt I will tell you more in my future articles and I will show you lot’s of photos. My colleagues and I were bigger attraction even than the Eiffel Tower in Paris!

Anyways, here is a list of the things I never take out of my suitcase:
♦ tooth brush and tooth paste
♦ dress, spare underwear and comfortable shoes
♦ body lotions
♦ personal kit with different kinds of medicines 
♦ flight documents and passport

 Full article on: https://crewlifechronicles.com/2016/09/13/why-do-flight-attendants-have-carry-on-bags/

Published by Monika Kachamanova

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