New Cat Cafe in Los Angeles

New Cat Cafe in Los Angeles

After much waiting, the cat cafe is finally in Los Angeles. 

The cafe features 15-20 rescue kitties at any time, although they'll mostly be adult cats, since they get rescued less. However, that doesn't mean they won't be holding kitty parties from time to time, so keep your eye out for those! 

The cafe is called Crumbs and Whiskers at 7924 Melrose Avenue in L.A. Every kitty you see there is eligible to be adopted! The founder of the cafe, Kanchan, used to work in a corporate job until she felt unfulfilled. She felt she wasn't doing something she loved. And so, when she traveled to Thailand for a visit, she was introduced to animal cafes. She wanted to combine her love for business and animals in one, and so she decided to open up her very own first cat cafe in Washington, D.C. 

It became a huge hit, and everyone loved it. Everyone pushed for it to come to L.A., and now here it is! 

It is 22 dollars for a 75 minute block, and the coffee price is not included in this. In addition, it is 22 dollars per person, so just be prepared. Personally, I think this price is a little steep, but for a one-time experience it would be worth it. Especially because after three visits to this cafe, you'd have used enough money to buy your own cat. There is also a dog cafe in Los Angeles for 15 dollars per person. Cats vs dogs people: fight. 

Published by Monique Hakam

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