One Amazing Snack You May Have Not Heard Of Yet

Elote. Ever heard of it? 

It's not common in the East coast, so I hadn't heard about it until I moved to California. But once I did, I discovered this wonderful treat. It sounds a bit strange at first with its mixture of ingredients, but once it's put all together, I promise it's delicious. 

Elote is a cob of corn, with mayonnaise spread all over it, then butter, then parmesan cheese. If you like, you can also have the person spread chili powder on it for a little kick. The person you usually buy this from is going to be a street vendor! Uncommon in Michigan and most smaller towns, street vendors are very common here. They sell different things than vendors in New York--think New York vendors, but with more Mexican food. And boy, is it good. 

The best part is, elote is very cheap. You can  And honestly, it's not too unhealthy, either. Not to say that you should ditch your afternoon salad and replace it with elote, but it's definitely better than Cheetos or any other processed food. 

If you're ever near a street vendor or in California, try out elote. Even if you don't like it, it's a new experience and it's part of the fun! 

Published by Monique Hakam


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