Adults are not the keepers of knowledge

Adults are not the keepers of knowledge

As adults we come across as providers of knowledge to children. I think it is a learned ego we have developed, believing we are passing on knowledge that belongs to us. Learning is an experience, a journey for which the path can be a template to follow, or the path can be forged by the needs and interests of the individual. We are not always interested in the same things, we are not emotional about the same things, our eyes are attracted to different shapes, colors, and objects in our environment.

When we ‘follow the child’, a method Maria Montessori found to be successful, we get a look into the window of possibilities for that child, they may show a profound interest in animals, or food, or counting, they may show an interest in organizing, or math, they may want to draw or write. If we as adults decide with certainty what a child will be learning, we are robbing them of choice, of imagination, and of putting new knowledge out into the world. This is not to say structure and curriculum do not have a place in the classroom, however, traits such an independence, and self confidence are important to develop, not just the ability to count, read, and write.

Learning is a life long process, and as adults our cups are not full, only our ego gets full. 

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