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"Born in the 70′s, a child of the 80′s, a product of the 90′s, a result of the 2000′s. God refined me, His Word defined me; I once was lost but now I’m found, was blind, but now I see." 


The Diplomat has left the building. It seems that there are more popular topics and more people interested in such topics. I feel as though I'm "out of place" but I do appreciate the opportunity to write some material and post it here. Hope those (small group) who have been with me since the beginning enjoyed what they read. I heard a woman once say, "a word spoken in due season can change a life." Well, I hope at the least, I've inspired a few, even one. Thanks to the owners of MyTredingStories, and the opportunity to post 48 different topics. 


Have a blessed holiday season

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