Stop feeding the world negative energy

Stop feeding the world negative energy

One of my favorite girls on YouTube, Alissa Ashley posted a video to her channel in which she shared her experience as a YouTuber, creating content and acting seemingly happy, all the while feeling slightly empty inside. I hurt my heart to see such a beautiful, accomplished woman feel so empty and lost. I wanted to hop through my iPad screen and give her a hug.

She discussed that in her experience as a YouTuber, what bothered her most is that of all the creative content she posts to her channel, people, especially women, find ways to not compliment her content, but talk negatively about her weight.

“People tell me to lose weight,” she says in the video.

It made me sad knowing that Alissa has people comment irrelevant words like that on her profiles, but it also made me feel even more sad that people really take the time out of their day to watch her videos and say mean things.  As a result, she took down the video.

People need to realize that one person’s negative comment can affect another person’s perspective of themselves. They may have low self esteem, have a handful, or hundreds , or in Alissa’s case, thousands, of people talk down on them.  Your unnecessary comment can potentially make them feel even worse about themselves.  We all have seen movies or tv shows or maybe have witnessed someone take their precious life because they were hurt by someone else’s words.

Stop taking time out of your day to make someone else feel just as low as you are. Instead of finding something negative to say, find something positive.

As mom’s old adage goes, “if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.”

When it comes to dealing with social media trolls, just know that those who have the time to write negativity on social media have far worse issues internally they need to deal with.  They are simply unhappy with themselves and want to make others feel just as bad as they do by hiding behind  screen.



Published by Morgan Austin

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