When will My Reflection Show...

When will My Reflection Show...

“How did you lose so much weight?!”

Usually, when someone is asked this question, they feel a sense of glee. Finally, someone noticed their hard work! But when I hear it, it’s equated with a sense of dread. Yes, I have worked hard on maintaining and training my body into a beautiful shape, but I still have the same insecurities as I did before. Granted I am a lot more confident now and my jeans fit better than ever but there are still nagging thoughts in the back of my mind that tell me that I am not working hard enough.

It’s simple once you think about it. Overnight I became known as the “fit girl” who exercises every day and is very strong. What they don’t know is that my incessant exercising is due to a fear of losing what has helped me become so popular in the first place: my body.

By no means am I making light of my journey. I work my butt off to be healthy and to look good. I had to learn the hard way that my body is built a certain way and the only way to change it is to force my anatomy to do something that it was not made to do. I will never have small hips and a perfectly flat stomach. I will not easily weigh under 150 pounds. I can force myself to eat carrots and celery only to be too weak to carry my own backpack (which I NEVER recommend).

“Well Morgan, how do you love yourself and your body?”

  1. Simple. Acknowledgement. Realize that you are blessed beyond measure to be born in a body, period. Whether you are disabled or able-bodied, you are still alive on this Earth. Look at yourself and forget about your outside appearance. Your body is just a vessel for your soul to be carried in. If you keep that mindset, your body will thank you.
  2. Wear clothes that you feel confident in. You know those articles that tell you how to “dress for your body type?” Screw those. Wear what makes YOU feel like a million bucks. Got wide hips and want to wear a mini skirt? Go ahead! Show off those thick legs! Whatever makes you happy outweighs what anyone thinks of you. Wear a crop top if you don’t have washboard abs. They’re overrated anyway.
  3. Weight ain’t nothing but a number. This is something that I am still learning myself. Weighing yourself daily will show you how easily the body fluctuates. Women especially have to deal with many factors (like estrogen, birth control, and water weight) that can dramatically alter their weight on a daily basis. So throw out the scale. Go by what your body feels. See some new definition? Great! That’s all that matters. Oh, and BMI is not an accurate way to measure weight. Serena Williams is considered obese. Keep that in mind.
  4. Work out for the right reasons. When I first began my fitness journey, I had one goal in mind: LOSE POUNDS. I wanted to be the slim-thick girl of Instagram dreams. During the first summer of my journey, I ended up being very thin. It wasn’t because of my workout regimen, it was because I wasn’t eating. Now my goal is to simply be healthy and strong. I look to WonderWoman as my body goals now. When you begin exercising, you must remember what your body wants to do. We are not built the same way and that’s what makes us unique. Remember the saying “different strokes for different folks?” Not everyone wants a super thin girl. Not everyone wants a plus-sized woman. But that doesn’t make your worth any lesser because of someone’s preference. Keep doing you, boo. When you love yourself, someone will love you even more.
  5. Try to STOP comparing. I know it’s easier said than done. Even I envy some of my friends’ beautiful bodies and compare them to mine. You have to realize that comparisons are self-destructive. As my beautiful court sister, Jasmin said: “A flower does not compete with another flower, it just blooms.” Whether you are a sunflower, tulip or rose; you are beautiful beyond measure. Treat yourself like you would a flower. Water yourself lay in the sun and prune negative people out of your life. Your glow will be noticeable from the roots to the petals.

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