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Hello Hello beautiful people,

I go by Ms. Tico, I am a young Burunian lady passionate about fashion, women and youth empowerment and the african continent and all its beauty. I am a fashion lover, sewer and wannabe fashion designer. I am also a blogger focusing mainly on fashion, style, self-love and inspiration.

I am very excited to begin the next part of my blogging journey here on my trending stories.

I started blogging 7 months ago. I host a blog called which started as a way for me to share with the world my designs and my fashion journey. 

So here you can expect me to share with you some styling tips, my sewing projects and my two cents on other topics that I am hoping will inspire and empower you to pursue your passions and dreams.

Make sure to follow me on my main blog, on Instagram @ms.tico and on Facebook @msticoblog.

So let’s get this journey started.


Ms. Tico

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