Beauty 101

Beauty 101

"Beauty comes from within" - says everyone.

I believe this statement has two point of view (well, for me at least). The first being that one’s beauty isn't about the body but about the spirit. Beauty is about having a good soul, character, mind etc.... This is an important point of view.

My second point of view, has to do with the body. Beauty comes from the inside meaning that you won’t see your beauty in the mirror unless you can see it in your heart. There are people that can’t see that they are beautiful regardless of the many compliments they get about their physique. There was a time when I couldn’t find a single thing that was beautiful about my body. I had nothing but negative talks about my physique. It took me an India Arie song to start appreciating my body. she sings: "My Body is beautiful and sacred and I am going to celebrate it." That line made me realize that I did not create myself and if I was created by God then surely I am beautiful. I started to have less and less negative body talks about myself. I realized that the less negative body talks I had the more appreciated the beauty of those around me and also of the things around me. Beauty starts within you. You need to be able to look at yourself without make-up and fashion and say: "Thank you Lord, You have made me the beautiful lady that I am".

This skirt does add a big smile on my face. I am a big fan of most things African and this Masai Shuka fabric really does screams African. The skirt is a straight pencil skirt that hits right on the knee with a front metallic zipper. I decided on the lace because I felt the original design was a bit too revealing for my taste. On here I have styled it for a slightly formal occasion. However, it is more casual when worn with flats or sandals. I have also worn this skirt with a denim shirt and converses for running errands.

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