Solving Air Flow Problems in Your Home

Solving Air Flow Problems in Your Home

First and foremost, check your furnace filter to see if it is dirty and in that case, take away the dirty filter and put in a new furnace filter. Plugged furnace filters restrict air movement by creating a pressure drop. Next, walk around your home to see if any cold air returns have anything such for example couches, rugs, or cabinets obstructing the vent. If anything is obstructing the vent, then remove these obstructions so your cold air return, which can be an air intake, can draw in enough air. Last, but not least, walk around your house to check on to see if all supply registers (heat vents that blow out air) are open. All supply registers should be open.

Some solutions that the HVAC company or contractor may possibly recommend:

Frequently in older homes, air ducts are sized incorrectly because of building departments previously not emphasizing the significance of properly sized air duct construction and also by the truth that some builders wanted to save lots of a dollar to construct their ductwork, as opposed to paying to heat and cooling professional to install the ductwork properly. In recent years, many building departments throughout the United States have zeroed in on enforcing proper duct design, so in many newer homes, indoor thermal comfort has improved drastically. Several things that your licensed HVAC company or contractor may suggest to you should you live within an older home that's air movement problems to drastically help improve air movement at home may be the following:

A quick solution would have been to replace the entire inefficient furnace system with an all new machine. You can look out fcor GE ECM motor in your HVAC system which operates at a 30% to 40% better efficiency level when compared to a standard conventional multi speed motor. This motor will be able to sustain consistent levels of DFM even if your duct is undersized and has more restrictions than what it should be. Installing an ECM motor will also allow you to get some tax credits from the Federal authorities as part of the green initiative. One of the most restrictive components of an HVAC is the air filters. You can find some of the best AC filters here for your air conditioners if you want your machines to perform at optimum levels.

- For whatever reason, your house does not need enough return air openings to even allow enough air to enter the duct system at all! We must build additional return air openings into your ductwork so that individuals will get additional CFM to the HVAC system which means that your AC indoor evaporator coil can stop freezing. Good golly, you're paying more cash on cooling not forgetting the truth that your AC doesn't even keep your home cold enough! Let's fix that and then add new return air openings so that you can save some cash on your utility bill and cool off this summer too!

- Let's go ahead and rip out the 4" diameter supply runs and install 6" diameter runs so that individuals can circulate more air into that sunroom!

- You understand, your ducts, amazingly enough, are sized correctly, but most of the air is escaping into unfinished portions of your home since the construction of the ductwork is extremely loose. Let's go ahead and seal up every trunk line connection, brace, seam, and end cap with a mastic duct sealant. By sealing up every duct connection on the entire system we'll see if we can blow those curtains sideways all things considered! No, just kidding, but the air can come out an impression harder, though as a result in sealing up the ductwork better and you will see a significant decrease in your utility bill because the system will only cycle half normally now.

- You understand, your house builder got cheap and should have installed 2 separate systems given that your house is 3600 sq/ft. Two smaller systems will in actuality cost you less on the utility bill to use and can provide greater comfort. Save up some cash and let's build that second system in the attic!

- You understand, the absolute most cost-effective thing that I could think of which will enhance your indoor comfort tremendously would be to merely zone your present system so that 3 different thermostats will control 3 different temperatures in your home. Depending on the brand that you select we usually will get this technique installed from $3800.00-$6,000.00 depending on how fancy of a system you intend to have installed!

- You understand that the evaporator coil is completely plugged effectively restricting allot of air. The dirt builds inside of the coil where you can't view it too well. Let's go ahead and have a power vacuum/ air washing performed on this coil to truly and effectively clean it. Stay away from those $99.00 air duct cleaners looking to try and shop vac the coil, because that is simply not effective in cleaning a coil correctly at all. We must air wash completely through the coil and not merely at first glance to effectively restore and clean the coil properly. An electric vacuum air duct cleaner will soon be needed to do the job correctly!

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