Sheet Metal & Aluminum Snip

Sheet Metal & Aluminum Snip

Sheet Metal & Aluminum Snip

Mar 13, 2021, 7:35:14 AM Tech and Science

Combining the Kush’N-Power grips with glide-tech forged blades, the Midwest aviation snips are the perfect choice when you want to produce a clean cut with minimal hand force.

The grips conform to the motion of the user’s hands while the glide-tech forged blades assist in delivering fast and clean cuts with minimal strain to the hands.

Away from that, the snips include indented ribs which help to prevent slippage of the hands and fingers to assure you of safety and comfort.

You can get this snip set when you are in need of aviation snips that will deliver reliable performance for a long time due to the long-lasting cutting edge.

In fact, the blades are hot drop-forged using a molybdenum alloy steel and then heat-treated to enhance maximum strength and durability.

Published by Mst Afruza Shirin

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